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    BACK IN STOCK!! This is an AMAZING limited edition mix of super-obscure horror soundtracks and more from cult DJ legends Lovely Jon and Cherrystones! This is a taster CD of their live performances of music and film montage as Jigoku... Jigoku, the Japanese term for hell and a fitting moniker for the wild audio visual soundtrack session orchestrated by London DJ's Lovely Jon and Cherrystones. Mixing deep, dark soundtrack cuts to a bizarre montage of weird and wonderful film clips from exploitation obscurities around the world, you will enter a deranged rollercoaster ride of crazed celluloid enveloped by a thunderous sound system. A truly mesmerising cinematic experience, whereby music and film collides in to a chaotic cacophony of madness. You have been warned....... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! NB: This is an unofficial underground release and comes in a thin slipcase.

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    Jigoku PresentsGrindhouseJigoku
    Excellent mix from Lovely Jon of Jigoku infamy! Themed around the films shown at 'grindhouse' cinemas - all night fleapits like the one in Taxi Driver...
    • Jigoku Presents – Sample One
    • Jigoku Presents – Sample Two
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    Bastard... I Kill You for $10000Lovely Jon in SessionJigoku
    BACK IN STOCK!! New mix from Lovely Jon of Jigoku infamy! First of its kind mix of reggae meets wild West movie soundtracks! Jamaican artists have long...
    • Bastard... I Kill You for $10000 – Clip One
    • Bastard... I Kill You for $10000 – Clip Two
    • Bastard... I Kill You for $10000 – Clip Three
    • Bastard... I Kill You for $10000 – Clip Four
    • Bastard... I Kill You for $10000 – Clip Five
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      CherrystonesEntertaining the Unobvious MixCherystones Limited Edition CD
      Wow! Limited edition mix CDs from DJ Cherrystones! This is one of two heavy, heavy DJ party mixes featuring super-tough drums and hard funky hip hop breaks...
      • Cherrystones – Sample One
      • Cherrystones – Sample Two
      • Cherrystones – Sample Three
      • Cherrystones – Sample Four
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      CherrystonesCrawl Back to Mine MixCherrystones Limited Edition CD
      BACK IN STOCK!!! Wow! Limited edition mix CDs from DJ Cherrystones! This is one of two heavy, heavy DJ party mixes featuring super-tough drums and...
      • Cherrystones – Sample One
      • Cherrystones – Sample Two
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      Lovely JonMean Dog BluesJigoku
      Wicked new mix from Lovely Jon of Jigoku! This is an extremely limited edition mix of lowdown, mean, and nasty biker rock, raw psych, punk, garage,...
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      SandThe Dalston ShroudSoul Jazz Records
      Influenced by the New York Art/Punk scene of Sonic Youth, The Swans, Liquid Liquid, this is the group’s follow up to "Still Born Alive" (Soul Jazz Records,...
      • Sand – Kendoki
      • Sand – Doctor Crop
      • Sand – The Dalston Shroud
      • Sand – Stick Eyed Bug Man
      • Sand – Summer Lightning (PT.2)
      • Sand – Lal K
      • Sand – Light Bender
      • Sand – Arson
      • Sand – Intersex
      • Sand – Bearded Angel
      • Sand – Summer Lightning (PT.1)
      CanFuture DaysSpoon Records
      ESSENTIAL 1973 album of dreamy kraut rock from Can! This is a beautiful rhythmic album of subtle and complex, deeply immersive, one-of-a kind, other-worldly...
      • Can – Future Days
      • Can – Spray
      • Can – Bel Air
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      Black Caesar (1973)Starring Fred Williamson, Music by James BrownMGM
      Black US youth grows up to be a gangster, eventually wiping out the leaders of the mafia, making him absolute ruler of the underworld. But pretty soon...
      • DVD£11.99
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      SandStill Born AliveSoul Jazz Records
      Sand's second album "Still Born Alive" is now released. Sand's music mixes Cinematic/Electronic/ Dance/Techno/Funk elements to create their own sound....
      • Sand – Airlock
      Disco SpectrumVolume OneBBE
      ESSENTIAL!! Top banana 100% brilliant compilation of disco and boogie rarities from BBE! You need this album! Buy! Buy! Buy!
        • 2×CD£11.99
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          KonkThe Sound Of KonkSoul Jazz Records
          KONK were formed in New York in 1980. They played an important part in the link between New York’s Disco scene (Paradise Garage/Loft/Gallery etc)...
          • Konk – Baby Dee
          • Konk – Love Attack
          Theo ParrishSound Sculptures Volume 1Sound Signature
          Limited 2xCD copies  available again! Lots more tracks on this 2xCD version than the 3xLP - we've only a handful so be quick! 
          • Theo Parrish – Twisted Friskie Biscuit
          • Theo Parrish – The Rink
          • Theo Parrish – Galactic Ancestors
          • Theo Parrish – Soul Control
          • Theo Parrish – Synthetic Flemm
          • Theo Parrish – Black Music
          • Theo Parrish – Take A Ride
          • Theo Parrish – Still Love Still Happiness
          • Theo Parrish – Satisfunktion
          • Theo Parrish – Usually Suspected
          • Theo Parrish – Space Cowboys and The Inteplanetary Gangster
          • 2×CD£19.99
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          James White & The BlacksSax ManiacMunster
          One of his lesser known albums. Funky no wave punk jazz.
            • Original LP£12.00
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            GoblinThe Fantastic Voyage of Goblin: the Sweet Sounds of HellBella Casa
            Fantastic compilation of cult classic film soundtracks from Italian prog rock band Goblin! Essential stuff, and highly sought after by collectors! Includes...
            • Goblin – Profondo Rosso
            • Goblin – Death Dies
            • Goblin – Suspiria
            • Goblin – Le Cascade di Viridiana
            • Goblin – Flashing
            • CD£9.99
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                        MartynNatural Selection3024
                        Back In Stock......  After the sold out success of the first release, Martyn's 3024 mission continues with further explorations on the boundaries...
                        • Martyn – Natural Selection
                        • Martyn – Vancouver
                        • 12"£5.99
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                        Studio One Rub A DubSoul Jazz Records
                        In the 1970s, Clement Dodd’s legendary Studio One Records went through an amazing period of re-birth working with new artists such as Willie Williams,...
                        • Cornell Campbell – My Conversation
                        • Lone Ranger – Screw Gone A North Coast
                        • Judah Eskender Tafari – Danger In Your Eyes
                        • Rapper Robert & Jim Brown – Minister For Ganja
                        • Freddie McGregor – How Could You Leave
                        • Barry Brown – Give Love
                        • Len Allen Jnr – White Belly Rat
                        • Johnny Osbourne – Forgive Them
                        • Jennifer Lara – Natural Mystic
                        • Horace Andy – Happiness
                        • Rapper Robert & Jim Brown – Pirate
                        • Willie Williams – Keep On Moving
                        • Papa Michigan & General Smiley – Jah A The Creator
                        • The Ethiopian – Empty Belly
                        • Earl 16 – No Mash Up The Dance
                        • The Jay Tees – Forward to Jah
                        • Lone Ranger – Natty Chalwa
                        • 1. Cornell Campbell – My Conversation
                        • 2. Lone Ranger – Screw Gone A North Coast
                        • 3. Judah Eskender Tafari – Danger In Your Eyes
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                        A Certain RatioTo Each...Universal Sound
                        Soul Jazz Records are proud to re-issue one of the seminal Post-Punk albums of all time. Following on from last month�s The Graveyard...
                        • A Certain Ratio – Felch
                        • A Certain Ratio – My Spirit
                        • A Certain Ratio – Forced Laugh
                        • A Certain Ratio – Choir
                        • A Certain Ratio – Back To The Start
                        • A Certain Ratio – The Fox
                        • A Certain Ratio – Loss
                        • A Certain Ratio – Oceans
                        • A Certain Ratio – Winter Hill
                        • A Certain Ratio – Abracadubra
                        • A Certain Ratio – Sommadub
                        • LP + Bonus 12"£13.99
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                        • CD£11.99
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