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      Limited 'red & blue split' coloured vinyl edition.
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      • 1. Prayer
      • 2. Loaded Gun
      • 3. Round And Round
      • 4. Cipralex
      • 5. Murder
      • 6. Gemini
      • 7. Let Me Believe
      • 8. GMT
      • 9. Ancient Skin
      • 10. Swept To The Sky

      "The indie hero could have played it safe with his first full-length record of the 2010s, but this comeback represents a bold new chapter."

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                • – Str8 Outta Mumbai
                • – Zion Wolf Theme (Unfinished)
                • – garden of paradise (Instrumental, Unfinished)
                • – Genevieve (Unfinished)
                • – raw beat (Unfinished)
                • – Crush (Unfinished)
                • – good time
                • – Jasmine (Demo)
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                • – Sittin' Here
                • – Stop Dat
                • – I Luv U
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                • – 2 Far
                • – Fix Up, Look Sharp
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                • – Wot U On
                • – Jezebel
                • – Seems 2 Be
                • – Live O
                • – Do It
                • – Vexed
                • – Street Fighter
                • – Win (feat Breeze)
                • – We Aint Havin It (feat Wiley)
                • – Kryme (feat Redrum & Sharky Major)
                • – Ready 4 War (feat Sharky Major, Armour & Stormin)
                • – Street Fighter (instrumental)
                • – Go (instrumental)
                • – Ho (instrumental)
                • – String Ho (instrumental)
                • – Ting Ting (instrumental)
                • – Wheel (instrumental)
                • New 3×LP (Coloured Vinyl + Download Code) XL1379LP£39.00
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                • – Tortoise Of Independency
                • – Empty Stomach Space Cadet
                • – Flimsy
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                • – Our Vacuum
                • – Space Heavy
                • – When Vanishing
                • – If Only It Was Warmth
                • – Wednesday Overcast
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                        • – w/ dad & frankie
                        • – sparko (feat. Herron)
                        • – swag w/ kav (feat. James Massiah & Bathe)
                        • – better (feat. Léa Sen)
                        • – bernard?
                        • – runnersz
                        • – rraine (feat. Edna)
                        • – glorious amateurs
                        • – s gets jaded
                        • – froth sipping
                        • – layer 6
                        • – in drink
                        • – playground (feat. Goya Gumbani)
                        • – born slipping (feat. TYSON)
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                        NEW ON XLOn their debut album Smerz reveal the sonic touchstones from their youth, like musicals and classical music, mapped next to vivid synth lines,...
                        • – Believer
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                              • – On Coming from a Broken Home (Pt. 1)
                              • – Me and the Devil
                              • – I'm New Here
                              • – Your Soul and Mine
                              • – Parents (Interlude)
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                              • – Special Tribute (Broken Home pt. 1)
                              • – I'm New Here
                              • – Running
                              • – Blessed Parents
                              • – New York is Killing Me
                              • – The Patch (Broken Home pt. 2)
                              • – People of the Light
                              • – Being Blessed
                              • – Where Did the Night Go
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                              Second studio album from English band Prodigy!
                                The ProdigyThe Fat Of The LandXL Recordings
                                The Fat of the Land is the third studio album by English electronic music group The Prodigy. It was first released in 1997 by XL Recordings - truly iconic...
                                  RadioheadIn RainbowsXL Recordings
                                  Seventh studio album by Radiohead!!
                                    RadioheadAmnesiacXL Recordings
                                    Radiohead's 5th studio album on the experimental rock tip!
                                      RadioheadPablo HoneyXL Recordings
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                                          • – BURN THE WITCH
                                          • – DAYDREAMING
                                          • – DECKS DARK
                                          • – DESERT ISLAND DISK
                                          • – FUL STOP
                                          • – GLASS EYES
                                          • – IDENTIKIT
                                          • – THE NUMBERS
                                          • – PRESENT TENSE
                                          • – TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SAILOR RICH MAN POOR MAN BEGGAR MAN THIEF
                                          • – TRUE LOVE WAITS