• 2. Big Prism
      • 3. POPPIN @ THE SUITE
      • 4. Funny Fuckits
      • 5. In The Field
      • 6. $$$cashapp
      • 7. All A Vibe
      • 8. I'm Pulling Up
      • 9. Milf Milo
      • 10. I Swear It's A Bop
      • 11. Fitness By King Milo

      Built for DJs, the dance, and gas-guzzling road boats, Hi Tech’s debut efforts balance the upfront ghettotech rawness of jit, proper, with a more debonaire flair in 11 parts; tapping in with the Henny-flavoured neon wooze of the opener, and holding the line thru butterfly drums of ‘Big Prism’, to the female vocal kiss of ‘Poppin @ The Suite’ and ‘Funny F*ckwits’; pulling up to ruggedest rap on ‘$$$cashapp’, with MC ‘Milf Melo’ taking the spotlight on it’s juiciest highlight; and ‘I Swear It’s a Bop’ best revealing the sound’s shared DNA with Chicago footwork, beside a Future-facing curtain closer ‘Fitness By King Milo’.

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