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    • Gaijin Blues – The Mining Town of Kakariko
    • Gaijin Blues – Bahamut (The Town Provider)
    • Gaijin Blues – Puff-Puff
    • Gaijin Blues – Professor Tatsuro Kensu
    • Gaijin Blues – Mementos (Prison)
    • Gaijin Blues – Mako Energy
    • Gaijin Blues – Leaving Schwarzwelt
    • Gaijin Blues – Grief, the Aftermath and a Faint Hope
    • 1. The Mining Town of Kakariko
    • 2. Bahamut (The Town Provider)
    • 3. Puff-Puff
    • 4. Professor Tatsuro Kensu
    • 5. Mementos (Prison)
    • 6. Mako Energy
    • 7. Leaving Schwarzwelt
    • 8. Grief, the Aftermath and a Faint Hope

    Polish duo Gaijin Blues return with their second album release for the excellent South London based stable, Shapes of Rhythm. Inspired by Japanese pop culture and Nintendo video games, this concept album picks up from their debut release and explores electronic sounds and tempos from the far flung corners of the galaxy...

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