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      • 1. Glasspops
      • 2. Circle of Fear
      • 3. Come Let Us ft Gregory Whitehead
      • 4. The Arched Window
      • 5. S.O.S. ft The Space Lady
      • 6. Parkstone Melody II
      • 7. Mên-an-Tol
      • 8. The Four Worlds

      Mark Pritchard returns with ‘The Four Worlds’, an eight-track collection further exploring the sonic worlds first encountered on 2016’s opus ‘Under The Sun’

      Other Releases by Mark Pritchard

      Mark PritchardUnder The SunWarp
      UK producer Mark Pritchard's 'Under the Sun' is deeply atmospheric and richly impressionistic. Key vocal features from Thom Yorke, Linda Perhacs and Bibio.
      • Mark Pritchard – ?
      • Mark Pritchard – Give It Your Choir
      • Mark Pritchard – Infrared
      • Mark Pritchard – Falling
      • Mark Pritchard – Beautiful People

      Other Releases on Warp

      Aphex TwinCollapse EPWarp
      Aphex Twin returns with the frenetic, curdled acid grooves on 'Collapse EP'!
      • Aphex Twin – T69 collapse
      • Aphex Twin – 1st 44
      • Aphex Twin – MT1 t29r2
      • Aphex Twin – abundance10edit[2 R8's, FZ20m & a 909]
      AutechreNTS Session 1Warp
      Part 1 of Autechre's special 4 part NTS radio sessions - new and exclusive material from Warp's IDM legends!
        AutechreNTS Session 3Warp
        Part 3 of Autechre's special 4 part NTS radio sessions - new and exclusive material from Warp's IDM legends!
          AutechreNTS Session 4Warp
          Part 4 of Autechre's special 4 part NTS radio sessions - new and exclusive material from Warp's IDM legends!
            Lorenzo SenniThe Shape Of RemixXxes To Come (inc. DJ Stingray remix)Warp
            Italian electronic artist and sound composer Lorenzo Senni releases a two track remix 12” for his essential trance-indebted classic ‘XAllegroX’,...
            • Lorenzo Senni – XAllegroX (DJ Stingray’s Molto Allegro Mix)
            Oneohtrix Point NeverWe’ll Take ItWarp
            This EP from OPN comes hot off the heels of his ‘Age Of’ LP - expect more hypnogogic and high concept themes!
              Nightmares On WaxShape The FutureWarp
              Latest album release from Warp records mainstay, Nightmares On Wax! Featuring contributions from Andrew Ashong, Jordan Rakei and more!
              • Nightmares On Wax – Back To Nature
              • Nightmares On Wax – Tell My Vision
              • Nightmares On Wax – Shape The Future
              • Nightmares On Wax – On It Maestro
              • Nightmares On Wax – Tomorrow
              • Nightmares On Wax – Typical
              • Nightmares On Wax – Tenor Fly
              • Nightmares On Wax – Citizen Kane
              • Nightmares On Wax – Deep Shadows
              • Nightmares On Wax – Gotta Smile
              • Nightmares On Wax – The Other Ship
              KelelaTake Me ApartWarp
              N.B. Vinyl format is a limited 2xLP edition pressed on clear vinyl. Includes booklet.  Kelela's debut album emerges as an epic portrait of an artist...
              • Kelela – Frontline
              • Kelela – Waitin
              • Kelela – Take Me Apart
              • Kelela – Enough
              • Kelela – Jupiter
              • Kelela – Better
              • Kelela – LMK
              • Kelela – Truth Or Dare
              • Kelela – S.O.S.
              • Kelela – Blue Light
              • Kelela – Onanon
              • Kelela – Turn To Dust
              • Kelela – Bluff
              • Kelela – Altadena
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              BibioPhantom BrickworksWarp
              Bibio returns with a new album titled ‘Phantom Brickworks’. This new nine track collection demonstrates a more atmospheric side to the...
                • CD£10.99
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                • LP£19.99
                  Expected 03 Nov
                Brian EnoReflectionWarp
                Brian Eno returns with ‘Reflection’ - an album composed as a single 54-minute piece (spread into four parts across the vinyl format). The work...
                  • 2xLP + Download Code£20.99
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                  • CD£12.99
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                  Mark PritchardUnder The SunWarp
                  UK producer Mark Pritchard's 'Under the Sun' is deeply atmospheric and richly impressionistic. Key vocal features from Thom Yorke, Linda Perhacs and Bibio.
                  • Mark Pritchard – ?
                  • Mark Pritchard – Give It Your Choir
                  • Mark Pritchard – Infrared
                  • Mark Pritchard – Falling
                  • Mark Pritchard – Beautiful People
                  Oneohtrix Point NeverGarden Of DeleteWarp
                  OPN's second album for Warp drops. srirring up the void between electronic oddness, fractured and misplaced R&B - glazed with an OPN signature of new...
                  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Intro
                  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Ezra
                  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Eccojamc1
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                  • 2×LP£17.99
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                  BattlesLa Di Da DiWarp
                  Thid Warp album from electronic / math rock trio, Battles! 
                  • Battles – The Yabba
                  • Battles – Dot Net
                  • Battles – FF Bada
                  Aphex TwinI Care Because You DoWarp
                  Classic Richard D. James album from 1995 on Warp! Premium electronics!
                  • Aphex Twin – Acrid Avid Jam Shred
                  • Aphex Twin – The Waxen Pith
                  • Aphex Twin – Wax The Nip
                  • Aphex Twin – Icct Hedral (Edit)
                  • Aphex Twin – Ventolin (Video Version)
                  • Aphex Twin – Come On You Slags!
                  • Aphex Twin – Start As You Mean To Go On
                  • Aphex Twin – Wet Tip Hen Ax
                  • Aphex Twin – Mookid
                  • Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm
                  • Aphex Twin – Cow Cud Is A Twin
                  • Aphex Twin – Next Heap With
                  • New LP (180g) + Download Code£16.99
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                  Hudson Mohawke Lantern Warp
                  Hudson Mohawke returns on Warp - six years since his album debut, 'Butter'. Now, with a sound that's bigger and bolder, 'Lantern' is a rambunctious meld...
                  • Hudson Mohawke – Lantern
                  • Hudson Mohawke – Very First Breath (ft Irfane)
                  • Hudson Mohawke – Ryderz
                  • Hudson Mohawke – Warriors (ft Ruckazoid & Devaeux)
                  • Hudson Mohawke – Kettles
                  • Hudson Mohawke – Scud Books
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                  • New 2×LP + Print£18.99
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                  NozinjaNozinja LodgeWarp
                  Mastermind behind South Africa's Shangaan Electro, drops his album debut for Warp - expect some vivid, 180 bpm madness for your party! 
                  • Nozinja – Nwa Baloyi
                  • Nozinja – Mitshetsho We Zindaba
                  • Nozinja – Baby Do U Feel Me
                  • 2×LP£17.99
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                  • CD£9.99
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                  Future BrownFuture BrownWarp
                  Experimental electronic supergroup Future Brown (composed of Fatima Al Qadiri, Asma Maroof & Daniel Pineda of Nguzunguzu, and J-Cush of Lit City Trax)...
                  • Future Brown – Room 302 (feat. Tink)
                  • Future Brown – Talkin Bandz (feat. Shawnna and DJ Victoriouz)
                  • Future Brown – Big Homie (feat. Sicko Mobb)
                  • Future Brown – No Apology (feat. Timberlee)
                  • Future Brown – Vernáculo (feat. Maluca)
                  • Future Brown – Dangerzone (feat. Kelela and Ian Isiah)
                  • Future Brown – Speng (feat. Riko Dan)
                  • Future Brown – Killing Time (feat. Johnny May Cash, YB and King Rell)
                  • Future Brown – MVP (feat. 3D Na'Tee and Tim Vocals)
                  • Future Brown – Asbestos (feat. Roachee, Prince Rapid and Dirty Danger)
                  • Future Brown – Wanna Party (feat. Tink)
                  Aphex TwinComputer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EPWarp
                  Aphex Twin constructs a series of mechanical instruments to perform his compositions, which he then controls via his computer. These contraptions and compositions...
                  • Aphex Twin – diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13
                  • Aphex Twin – snar2
                  • Aphex Twin – diskhat1
                  • 12" EP£11.99
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                  Aphex Twin Syro Warp
                  After a 13 year hiatus Richard D James aka Aphex Twin return with brand new album 'Syro' - fitting somewhere in between the sound of his complex 'Drukqs'...
                  • Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]
                  • Aphex Twin – XMAS_EVET10 [120][thanaton3 mix]
                  • Aphex Twin – produk 29 [101]
                  • Aphex Twin – 4 bit 9d api+e+6 [126.26]
                  • Aphex Twin – 180db_ [130]
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                  • 3×LP£25.99
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                  RustieGreen LanguageWarp
                  Rustie's second, syrupy DMT trip for Warp certainly delivers - and some more! A kaleidoscopic, amalgam of vivid grime, chip tunes and polychromatic techno...
                  • Rustie – Workship
                  • Rustie – A Glimpse
                  • Rustie – Raptor
                  • CD£9.99
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                  • 2×LP£17.99
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                  Boards Of Canada GeogaddiWarp
                  Essential follow-up to their tracendental Warp debut, 'Music Has The Right...'. Opting for a gloomier tone, 'Geogaddi' is a classic itself in its...
                  • Boards Of Canada – Julie And Candy
                  • Boards Of Canada – Dawn Chorus
                  • 3×LP£23.99
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                  • CD£10.99
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                  Oneohtrix Point NeverR Plus SevenWarp
                  Following his classic 'Rifts' compilation and a breakthrough release for experimental music stalwart, Editions Mego, Oneohtrix Point Never makes his Warp...
                  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Boring Angel
                  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Americans
                  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Inside World
                  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Still Life
                  Boards Of Canada Tomorrow's Harvest Warp
                  Extremely anticipated new album from Warp label veterans Boards Of Canada. Veering away from the guitars of "The Campfire Headphase" and opting for a more...
                  • Boards Of Canada – Reach For The Dead
                  • Boards Of Canada – Jacquard Causeway
                  • 2×LP£20.99
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                  • CD£8.99
                    Out of stock
                  KwesMeantime Warp
                  London-based, multi-instrumentalist Kwes makes his debut on Warp! Since his "No Where To Run EP" on Young Turks back in 2010, Kwes has worked with everyone...
                  • Kwes – Klee
                  • Kwes – Bashful
                  • Kwes – Honey
                  • Kwes – lgoyh
                  Flying LotusLos AngelesWarp
                  Wicked new album from producer du jour, Flying Lotus! Deep, hi-tech, hip hop beatsmithery of the highest order! The music Lotus makes has been recently...
                  • Flying Lotus – Breathe Something Stellar Star
                  • Flying Lotus – Beginners Falafel
                  • Flying Lotus – Camel
                  • Flying Lotus – Melt!
                  • Flying Lotus – Comet Course
                  • Flying Lotus – Orbit 405
                  • CD£10.99
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                  • 2×LP£17.99
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                  Prefuse 73PreparationsWarp
                  Excellent new album from Scott Herren's Prefuse 73 project! Highly evolved sample-delic hip hop beats with electronica glitches and purs erroding layer...
                  • Prefuse 73 – Beaten Thursdays
                  • Prefuse 73 – The Class of 73 Bells
                  • Prefuse 73 – Smoking Red
                  • Prefuse 73 – Noreaster Cheer
                  • Prefuse 73 – Pomade Suite Version One
                  • Prefuse 73 – For Her Non Place
                  • Prefuse 73 – Spacious and Dissonant Part 2
                  • Prefuse 73 – Pitu
                  • Prefuse 73 – Over Ensembles
                  • Prefuse 73 – Out We Will Go

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                  R. LyleThe Tempest EPHomemade Music
                  **Limited to 100 copies** Second release on Medikul's (Future Bubblers) Homemade Music label! New signing, R. Lylebrings noxious clouds of dense, nebulous...
                  • R. Lyle – Dire Situation (Feat. Medikul)
                  • R. Lyle – Reverence
                  Creation StepperAfricaTribes Man Records
                  Killer roots vocal from Creation Stepper originally released in 1981 on Lloyd Coxsone's Outernational imprint. One of four new reissues on Tribes Man Records....
                  • Creation Stepper – Africa
                  • Pebbels – Wa Go A Africa
                  Didier BocquetEclipseCameleon Records
                  Privately released on the legendary Le Kiosque D'Orphée label in a tiny edition of 100 copies and distributed mainly to friends and mail order, Eclipse...
                  • Didier Bocquet – 1984
                  • Didier Bocquet – Le Chemin Du Silence Part 1
                  • Didier Bocquet – Eclipse
                  Inhospitable, experimental grime instrumentals from promising signing, Nazar. Killer EP on Hyperdub!
                  • Nazar – South Border
                  • Nazar – Warning Shots
                  • Nazar – Airstrike feat. Shannen SP 04:30
                  • Nazar – Enclave
                  • Nazar – Konvoy
                  • Nazar – Ceasefire
                  • 12" EP£8.99
                    Out of stock
                  BremenEnter SilenceBlackest Ever Black
                  The band's most concise, and powerful, album to date. Once again the Uppsala multi- instrumentalists combine elements of trogged-out psychedelic rock with...
                  • Bremen – Sinister
                  • Bremen – The Middle Section
                  • Bremen – Aimless Cruising
                  • Bremen – Closures
                  • Bremen – Valley Of Ashes
                  • Bremen – Palladium
                  • Bremen – Enter Silence
                  • Bremen – No Means To Remain
                  • Bremen – Too Cold For Your Eyes
                  • Bremen – Everything Coagulates
                  • Bremen – Earthbound
                  • Bremen – Vanishing Point
                  Ras Midas ft. I RoyGood Old DaysTribes Man Records
                  Wicked deep roots vocal from Ras Midas originally released in 1979 on Tribes Man Records, produced by Lloyd Coxsone, complete with superb toast from legendary...
                  • Ras Midas – Good Old Days
                  • I Roy – Dj Version
                  Creation StepperHomeward BoundTribes Man Records
                  Produced by U.K. Sound man Lloyd Coxsone and originally released on the Nationwide label in 1980, this version has full dub on the flip. Don't miss these...
                  • Creation Stepper – Homeward Bound
                  • Creation Stepper – Homeward Dub
                  Las Vegas Grind Vol. 7Various ArtistsJazzman
                  After scouring the greasy basement dives of the netherworld, Jazzman finally managed to locate the manic mastermind responsible for the original six volumes...
                  • Savoys – Blo Jangs
                  • Low Rocks – Snooker Final
                  • Frank Scott – She Said
                  • Gay Papa – Gay Papas Cha Cha
                  • B Bubba – I'd Rather Swish Than Fight
                  • Escorts – Little Big Horn
                  • UBs Group – Sneaky Pete
                  • Abstracts – The Beard
                  • Louie & The Fat Men – Fat Man
                  • Leo Valentine Trio – Behind the Outhouse
                  • Los Virreyes – El Pato
                  • Alonzo & Boppers – Juicy Melon
                  • Bob Moore & The Temps – Braggin
                  • Little Louie & The Finger Cymbals – Shirley
                  • The Original Spacemen – Gemini Rock
                  • Y-Dells – Sneakin Away
                  Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan ChristensenMiddle Name Dance Tracks Vol. 1Middle Name Records
                  Second release on Australian producer, Sampology’s new imprint. Wicked, jump-up jazz house and boogie-fied broken beat vibes with appearances from local...
                  • Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan Christensen – Ricardo
                  • Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan Christensen – Only Joy
                  • Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan Christensen – Bless
                  • Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan Christensen – Odyseey
                  Bernard XolotlMusic by XolotlWah Wah Records
                  First ever vinyl edition of the amazing Music By Xolotl, originally issued only on cassette by Unity Records in 1978. Painter and musician Bernard Xolotl...
                    Nate WilliamsThe Roy Davis Jr. RemixesR-Time Records
                    Two 'wild pitch' productions from Nate Williams given the CLASSIC remix treatment from the one and only, Roy Davis Jr.! Originally released on DJ Duke's...
                    • Nate Williams – Club Patrol (Roy's Maximum Deathwish Mix)
                    • Nate Williams – Klimax (Roy's Total Recall Mix)
                    • 12"£8.99
                      Out of stock
                    Barry BrownUnity Is Strength / Higher RegionTribes Man Records
                    Originally released in 1983, tuff roots backing for the sweet voiced Barry Brown with Drumie Benji next vocal cut on the flip. One of four new reissue...
                    • Barry Brown – Unity Is Strenght
                    • Barry Brown – Unity Is Strenght Dub
                    • Drumie Benji – Higher Region
                    • Barry Brown – Higher Region
                    James BlakeAssume FormPolydor
                    Mercury award winner James Blake returns with his 4th studio album 'Assume Form'. The album features collaborations with Travis Scott, André 3000, Metro...
                    • James Blake – Don’t Miss It
                    Alessandro AlessandroniBackground DiscoFour Flies
                    Four Flies presents Alessandro Alessandroni's oddball disco soundtrack "Background Disco" that was originally scored for Italian comedy FRITTATA ALL'ITALIANA....
                    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Baby Come Down
                    • Alessandro Alessandroni – I Get You in My Mind (Instrumental)
                    • Alessandro Alessandroni – I Get You in My Mind
                    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Baby Come Down (Instrumental)
                    • 12" EP£22.99
                      Out of stock
                    Sleep D presents DJ Mind Leaf & The Herbalist & DJ Fett Birger & Sleep DBSR20.5Butter Sessions
                    Another super special split and limited 7inch from Butter Sessions HQ! This time Sleep D present their dub influenced moniker, DJ Mind Leaf & The Herbalist...
                    • Sleep D presents DJ Mind Leaf & The Herbalist – See Mi Rockin
                    • DJ Fett Birger & Sleep D – Birger's Dense Ricanstructed Melbourne Rmix Three (7inch Versan)
                    • 1. Sleep D presents DJ Mind Leaf & The Herbalist – See Mi Rockin
                    • 2. DJ Fett Birger & Sleep D – Birger's Dense Ricanstructed Melbourne Rmix Three (7inch Versan)
                    • View full info and tracklisting
                    Rai ScottDetached ObservationChurch
                    South London house music stable Church return with a new EP from Rai Scott. Deep and dreamy production's with a balearic twist.
                    • Rai Scott – Paradise of Crane
                    • Rai Scott – Paradise of Crane (Valentino Mora Deep Blue Rephase)
                    • Rai Scott – Lazy Sunshine
                    • Rai Scott – Detached Observation
                    Sourakata KoiteEn HollandeAwesome Tapes From Africa
                    Senegalese traditional harp performed by a hereditary master, Sourakata Koite. This deep and entrancing solo kora music was originally recorded in 1984...
                    • Sourakata Koite – Seremende
                    • Sourakata Koite – Ha-Madi
                    • Sourakata Koite – Moussa
                    • Sourakata Koite – Kaira
                    • Sourakata Koite – Djonol
                    • Sourakata Koite – N'na
                    • Sourakata Koite – Dioula
                    • Sourakata Koite – Hadjiatu Mari n'Djaye
                    • LP + Download Code£18.99
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                    • CD£11.99
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                    Roy AyersHe's Coming: 45s CollectionDynamite Cuts
                    Dynamite Cuts present the best cuts from Roy Ayers' most iconic LP on seven inch format. Includes the super funky “We live in Brooklyn” and the Dilla...
                    • Roy Ayers – He’s a super star pt1
                    • Roy Ayers – We live in Brooklyn baby
                    • Roy Ayers – Ain't got time
                    • Roy Ayers – Fire Weaver
                    HamaHoumeissaSahel Sounds
                    Nigerian composer Hama presents a groundbreaking album of traditional electronic desert folk songs. A truly unique release with production touches that...
                    • Hama – Terroir
                    • Hama – Houmeissa
                    • Hama – Dounia
                    • Hama – Bororo
                    • Hama – Wassa
                    • Hama – Takamba
                    • Hama – Touareg
                    • Hama – Baoura
                    Solomon CitronKampu-China (Original Soundtrack)KingUnderground
                    Debut album from Russian multi-instrumentalist Solomon Citron, a non-existing cinematic movie soundtrack called "Kampu-China". The soundtrack was composed...
                    • Solomon Citron – Intro (The Land of Violence)
                    • Solomon Citron – Kampu-China Theme
                    • Solomon Citron – The Loss Blues
                    • Solomon Citron – Melancholy Theme
                    • Solomon Citron – Zamoot
                    • Solomon Citron – Revenge Scene
                    DJ Mitsu the BeatsLet Go / PilotMukatsuku
                    Mukatsuku reelase a 45 from prolific Japanese producer DJ MItsu The Beats. The a side kicks off with a dreamy jazzual affair featuring Kaneko Takumi on...
                    • DJ Mitsu the Beats – Let Go (feat. Keneko Takumi)
                    • DJ Mitsu the Beats – Pilot
                    Midnight In Tokyo Vol. 3Various ArtistsStudio Mule
                    The third volume of Studio Mule excellent 'Midnight In Tokyo' series focuses on obscure soul, disco, and new wave gems from Japan. Highly recommended!
                    • Yoko Hatanaka – More Sexy
                    • Masumi Hara – Kimi No Yume
                    • Yuki Nakayamate – Silhouette Call
                    • Atsuo Fujimoto – Theme Of High School Student
                    • Mari Kaneko – Get To Paradise
                    • Tomoko Aran – Hannya
                    • Masako Miyazaki – Fantasy
                    • Junko Sakurada – Watashi No Koukoku
                    • Kangaroo – Sunshine Bright On Me
                    • Maiko Okamoto – Stranger's Night
                    • The Fad – Singing Lady
                    • The Eastern Gang – Magic Eyes
                    • Rinda Yamamoto – Crazy Baby
                    • Tomoko Aran – I'm In Love
                    Roy Ayers UbiquityMystic Voyage: 45s CollectionDynamite Cuts
                    Dynamite Cuts presents the best cuts from Roy Ayers' classic LP, Mystic Voyage. Features the essential rare groove dancer "Brother Green", and "Life is...
                    • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Brother Green (The Disco King)
                    • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – The Black Five
                    • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Life Is Just A Moment - Part 1
                    Black SugarViajecito / Too LateMatasuna Records
                    Matasuna Records drop the first ever official reissue of the the cult 'Viajecito / Too Late' 45 by Peruvian band, Black Sugar'. Originally released in...
                    • Black Sugar – Viajecito
                    • Black Sugar – Too Late
                    • 7"£9.99
                      Out of stock
                    Victor DéméVictor DéméHeavenly Sweetness
                    The first commercial vinyl edition of this classic of modern African music, from Burkinab musician and singer-songwriter Victor Deme. The album is a unique...
                    • Victor Démé – Fond De Cour (Intro)
                    • Victor Démé – Djôn'maya
                    • Victor Démé – Toungan
                    • Victor Démé – Chérie
                    • Victor Démé – Deni Mouke Ila
                    • Victor Démé – Burkina Mousso
                    • Victor Démé – Deni Kemba
                    • Victor Démé – Djarabi
                    • Victor Démé – Dankan
                    • Victor Démé – Peuple Burkinabé
                    • Victor Démé – Sabu
                    • Victor Démé – Djabila
                    • Victor Démé – Le Passage De L'Arc À Bouche (Interlude)
                    • Victor Démé – Tama Ngnogon
                    • Victor Démé – Dala Môgôya
                    CLASSIC Wolfgang Voigt production from 1997 reissued via Kompakt! 'Zauberberg' laid the foundations for the GAS sound - a noxious blend of dragging orchestral...
                    • GAS – Zauberberg 1
                    • GAS – Zauberberg 2
                    • GAS – Zauberberg 3
                    • GAS – Zauberberg 4
                    • GAS – Zauberberg 5
                    • GAS – Zauberberg 6
                    • GAS – Zauberberg 7
                    Roy AyersCoffy: 45s CollectionDynamite Cuts
                    Dynamite Cuts presents this killer limited edition package - four of the best cuts from the Roy Ayers' scored / Jack Hill directed, blaxploitation classic,...
                    • Roy Ayers – Coffy is the colour
                    • Roy Ayers – Aragon
                    • Roy Ayers – Brawling Boards
                    • Roy Ayers – Exotic Dance
                    • 2×7"£18.99
                      Out of stock
                    Ruby AndrewsEverybody Saw YouEverland
                    Outstanding late 60s style soul pop with tinges of blues, psychedelia and early funk. This music builds a bridge between black music such as Ike & Tina...
                    • Ruby Andrews – Everybody Saw You
                    • Ruby Andrews – Help Yourself Lover
                    • Ruby Andrews – I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser
                    • Ruby Andrews – Gotta Break Away
                    • Ruby Andrews – You Made A Believer Out Of Me
                    • Ruby Andrews – Casanova "70"
                    • Ruby Andrews – Can You Get Away
                    • Ruby Andrews – You Can Run But You Can't Hide
                    • Ruby Andrews – Uh! Uh! Boy That's A No No
                    • Ruby Andrews – Since I Found Out
                    • Ruby Andrews – Tit For Tat
                    Donny McCulloughFrom The HeartEverland
                    Rare 80's soul LP reissued via Everland. Great sleeve!
                    • Donny McCullough – From The Heart
                    • Donny McCullough – Falling In Love
                    • Donny McCullough – You Promised
                    • Donny McCullough – Kjlh (Jingle)
                    • Donny McCullough – In Time
                    • Donny McCullough – Penny
                    • Donny McCullough – Just A Part Of Living
                    • Donny McCullough – Ain't Love Funny
                    • Donny McCullough – You'll Always Feel Her Love
                    • Donny McCullough – God Will Be With You
                    Sterling HarrisonOne Size Fits AllEverland
                    Sophisticated disco obscurity from '81 reissued via Everland - great sleeve too!
                    • Sterling Harrison – One Size Fits All
                    • Sterling Harrison – Abba-Dabba-Do
                    • Sterling Harrison – Jamaica
                    • Sterling Harrison – Star Chaser
                    • Sterling Harrison – Take It All The Way
                    • Sterling Harrison – You've Got That Thing
                    • Sterling Harrison – Jump In The Middle Of Love
                    • Sterling Harrison – I Feel The Love
                    • Sterling Harrison – Shes So Sensitive
                    Rough Trade Shops Presents: Counter Culture 2018Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops
                    The annual round up of what Rough Trade loved from 2018. Featuring tracks from the likes of Sudan Archives, Smerz, Nubya Garcia, Tirzah and loads more!
                      Clydie KingRushing To Meet YouEverland
                      One of the least known and best hidden jewels waiting to be discovered by the legions of fans loving mid to late 70s soul and disco queens such as Donna...
                        Dhafer YoussefSounds Of MirrorsAnteprima
                        Dhafer Youssef is a Tunisian Oud player, vocalist and composer born in 1967 in Teboulba. The son of a modest family from this Tunisian Centre-Eastern fishing...
                          Jeff MillsStr MrkdStr Mrkd
                          Detroit techno legend, Jeff Mills, launches his Axis records offshoot, Str Mrkd, with an EP of classy, pure Mills-style techno!
                          • Jeff Mills – Abali
                          • Jeff Mills – Patterns In Nature
                          • Jeff Mills – Helix Nebula
                          • Jeff Mills – Aquarius
                          Street FeetStreet FeetEverland
                          Wicked disco-funk rarity from 1977 reissued via Everland!
                          • Street Feet – Satisfied Sity
                          • Street Feet – Help Yourself
                          • Street Feet – The Hassle
                          • Street Feet – Livin' It Up
                          • Street Feet – Warkoid Walk
                          • Street Feet – Holdin' On
                          • Street Feet – The Search Goes On
                          Studio One Black Man's Pride 3 : None Shall Escape The Judgement Of The AlmightySoul Jazz Records
                          This is the latest new installment of Soul Jazz Records’ on-going collection of Rastafarian music at Studio One, featuring classic material from legendary...
                          • Horace Andy – Conscious Dread Lock
                          • The Gladiators – A Prayer To Thee
                          • Freddie McGregor – Beat Down Babylon
                          • The Manchesters – Selassie Bandman
                          • The Mellodies – Dread Oppression
                          • Big Joe – Jah Jah Help Us
                          • Horace Andy – Oh Lord Why Lord
                          • Lloyd Jones & The Super Natural Six – Get Up and Try
                          • The Wailing Souls – Can't Catch Me
                          • The Nightingales – Jehovah
                          • Alphanso Stewart – It's No Secret
                          • Errol Dunkley – Satisfaction
                          • Mr Manchester – Give Natty Dread Glory
                          • Lincoln (Sugar) Minott – Wrong Doers
                          • Noel Campbell & The Gladiators Band – Sufferation
                          • African Brothers – No Cup No Brock
                          • Zoot Simms – When The Time Comes
                          • Glen Miller – Whey No Dead
                          Mr. FlagioTake A ChanceDiscoring Records
                          Originally released in 1983, "Take A Chance" is a classic Italo-Disco classic anthem, now officially reissued in the same shape as the first vinyl release.
                          • Mr. Flagio – Take A Chance (Original Version)
                          • Mr. Flagio – Take A Chance (Instrumental Version)
                          • 12"£11.99
                            Out of stock
                          Tala ValaTala ValaTV White Label
                          Multi Instrumentalist's Ben Locket and John Roffe-Ridgard aka Tala Vala drop their much anticipated debut album (after last years very limited 12") of...
                          • Tala Vala – Tzompantli
                          • Tala Vala – Mastertron
                          • Tala Vala – Anhedonia
                          • Tala Vala – Thera
                          • Tala Vala – Matutine
                          • Tala Vala – C.H.P.P.B.
                          • Tala Vala – Albedo
                          • Tala Vala – Sarha
                          Soul Power & SoundYard Music / Trample RomansHornin' Sounds
                          Heavy Channel One business one more time ! Back in the early 80's with Soul Power & Sound in fine style. Famous meditation Roots track called Yard...
                          • Soul Power & Sound – Yard Music
                          • Soul Power & Sound – Trample Romans
                          Bunny Lee PresentsDubbing In The Front Yard + Conflict DubPressure Sounds
                          Bunny Lee as producer. Prince Jammy as engineer. The Aggrovators making the tracks. It is the Holy Trinity of Jamaican Music. Throughout the years, recorded...
                          • Bunny Lee Presents – Dubbing In The Front Yard
                          • Bunny Lee Presents – Judgement Dub
                          • Bunny Lee Presents – The Gates Of Dub
                          • Bunny Lee Presents – Babylon Dub
                          • Bunny Lee Presents – Somewhere Version
                          • Bunny Lee Presents – Carry On Dubwise
                          • Bunny Lee Presents – Crab In A Barrel Dub
                          Bunny LeeEnter Into Dub / Come To Me In DubPressure Sounds
                          Four heavyweight dub remixes of two Bunny Lee rhythms laid in the early 80s by an updated Aggrovators, featuring Sly and Robbie . First are two re-works...
                          • Bunny Lee – Enter Into Dub Version 1
                          Carlton Livingston & Lone RangerExit - Dub It DehLegsman
                          The Fourth release from LEGSMAN RECORDS is from Carlton Livingston and Lone Ranger. Both the vocal and DJ cut sit on an original Riddim written by Grant...
                          • Carlton Livingston – Exit
                          • Lone Ranger – Dub It Deh
                          • Carlton Livingston & Lone Ranger – Legsman Muted Horn Dub
                          Duke PearsonI Don't Care Who Knows It (Deluxe Expanded Remastered Edition)Blue Note / Wallen Bink
                          The first ever complete release of the '68, ‘69 and ’70 sessions on a deluxe, limited edition double 180g vinyl album. This Duke Pearson album was...
                          • Duke Pearson – Canto Ossanha
                          • Duke Pearson – Xibaba
                          • Duke Pearson – I Don't Know
                          • Duke Pearson – Upa Neguinho
                          • Duke Pearson – Captain Bacardi
                          Busty BrownSoon I'm Gonna Make ItPressure Sounds
                          A superb single by the vocalist Busty Brown who is somewhat of a mystery other than that he recorded for the usual roll call of Jamaican producers such...
                            Clive MatthewsJah PraisesRoots Unity
                            Great new roots vocal cut from Clive Matthews & The Raw Rhythm Section, check dub.
                            • Clive Matthews – Jah Praises
                            • The Raw Rhythm Section – Raw Dub
                            Bare EssentialsMiss Jamaica / Different SizeTop Ranking Sound
                            Two mid 80s dancehall rarities from Bare Essentials now made available by Top Ranking Sound, now with instrumental cuts to both. Limited press..check 'em...
                            • Bare Essentials – Miss Jamaica
                            • Bare Essentials – Version
                            • Bare Essentials – Different Size
                            SenyaShow Some LoveTop Ranking Sound
                            Olive “Senya” Grant was a gifted songwriter and performer hailing from east Kingston. Blessed with a beautifully melodic voice and fused with the eternal...
                            • Senya – Show Some Love
                            • Senya – Show Some Love (Version)
                            Prince JamoThe Night Of Our LivesBlackrose
                            Two wicked new tunes from singer Prince Jamo produced and mixed by Jamo in Birmingham, 1st release on Blackrose Records. Repeat plays a must..
                            • Prince Jamo – The Night Of Our Lives
                            • Prince Jamo – Version
                            • Prince Jamo – Haul & Pull Up
                            • Prince Jamo – Version
                            I Marc 41Sevenmen
                            I Marc 4, the brilliant quartet that collaborated with Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Armando Trovajoli, Gianni Ferrio, Piero Piccioni, Piero Umiliani, Alessandro...
                              Aphrodite's Child666Vertigo / Music On Vinyl
                              **Essential reissue on limited, coloured vinyl!** Aphrodite's Child was a project of the legendary, Vangelis Papathanassiou which also featured Demis Roussos,...
                              • Aphrodite's Child – The System
                              • Aphrodite's Child – Babylon
                              • Aphrodite's Child – Loud, Loud, Loud
                              • Aphrodite's Child – The Four Horsemen
                              • Aphrodite's Child – The Lamb
                              • Aphrodite's Child – The Seventh Seal
                              • Aphrodite's Child – Aegian Sea
                              • Aphrodite's Child – Seven Bowls
                              • Aphrodite's Child – The Wakening Beast
                              • Aphrodite's Child – Lament
                              • Aphrodite's Child – The Marching Beast