Don Cherry Relativity Suite

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    • Don Cherry – Tantra
    • Don Cherry – Mali Doussn'gouni
    • Don Cherry – Desireless
    • Don Cherry – The Queen Of Tung-Ting Lake
    • Don Cherry – Trans-Love Airways
    • Don Cherry – Infinite Gentleness
    • Don Cherry – March Of The Hobbits
    • 1. Tantra
    • 2. Mali Doussn'gouni
    • 3. Desireless
    • 4. The Queen Of Tung-Ting Lake
    • 5. Trans-Love Airways
    • 6. Infinite Gentleness
    • 7. March Of The Hobbits

    Reissue of Don Cherry's 'Relativity Suite', recorded with the Jazz Composer's Orchestra in 1973. At this time, Cherry was becoming increasingly interested in Middle Eastern and traditional African and Indian music, having traveled extensively and studied with Indian musician Vasant Rai. This suite of songs was particularly influenced by the Indian karnatic singing tradition, as can be heard from the very opening moments of the album. Featuring Carla Bley on piano, Charlie Haden on bass, and Ed Blackwell on drums, as well as an extended horn and string section.

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