Coffy (1973) Starring Pam Grier, Music by Roy Ayers

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    Coffy, a beautiful young nurse, is determined to exact revenge against the people responsible for turning her sister into a drug addict. She poses as a prostitute, exploring the world of gangsters, pushers, pimps and crooked cops, searching out and ultimately murdering the guilty.

    Unbelievably strong female lead played by the unbelievably strong female Pam Grier. All played out alongside some of the funkiest music ever made by the great, great Roy Ayers. Seriously, this is film heaven!

    Region 2 (Europe)

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        Robert BanksA MIghty Good Way (1967)MGM
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        Jeannie C. RileyDown To Earth (1972)MGM
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        • Jeannie C. Riley – Good Mornin Country Rain
        • Jeannie C. Riley – Im Walkin
        • Jeannie C. Riley – Thou Shalt Not Kill
        The Velvet UndergroundThe Velvet Underground (1969)MGM
        Released in 1969 to an almost total lack of critical acclaim or consumer interest, the Velvet Underground's third album may well be the finest record of...
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          Jeannie C. Riley When Love Has Gone Away (1972)MGM
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            In the Heat of the Night (1967)Starring Sidney PoitierMGM
            Sidney Poitier leads the way in one of the first black action films ever, in some ways (but not all) a precursor to the 'blaxploitation' genre that was...

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                      • Coki – Goblin
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                      Truck Turner (1974)Starring Isaac Hayes, Music by Isaac HayesMGM
                      Issac Hayes, bald, black and bad, stars as a modern day bounty hunter who works for a Bail Bondsman. Hayes and his partner are approached by a white bondsman...
                      • DVD£6.99
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