Can Future Days

    • Can – Future Days
    • Can – Spray
    • Can – Moonshake
    • Can – Bel Air
    • 1. Future Days
    • 2. Spray
    • 3. Moonshake
    • 4. Bel Air

    The fifth, classic studio album from German rock pioneers Can, ‘Future Days’, embodies the band at a pivotal moment in their trajectory, following closely on from the relative commercial success of ‘Spoon’.

    Other Releases by Can

    CanRite TimeSpoon Records
    Twelfth album from legends Can. Released ten years after their previous album, 'Rite Time' is considered somewhat of a reunion for the band.
    • – On The Beautiful Side Of A Romance
    • – The Withoutlaw Man
    • – Below This Level (Patient's Song)
    • – Movin' Right Along
    • – Like A New Child
    • – Hoolah Hoolah
    • – Give The Drummer Some
    • – In The Distance Lies The Future
    CanMonster MovieSpoon Records
    Can were formed at the end of the sixties in Germany by Jaki Liebezeit, Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay and Michael Karoli then signed up American sculptor...
    • – Mary, Mary So Contrary
    • – Outside My Door
    CanSaw Delight (1977)Spoon Records
    This was the first album Can made after Holger Czukay put aside his bass in favour of short wave radios and other found sounds. The group was also augmented...

      Other Releases on Mute

      Will Gregory Moog EnsembleHeat Ray: The Archimedes ProjectMute
      Will Gregory Moog Ensemble present their debut album, Heat Ray: The Archimedes Project, made in collaboration with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.This...
        PoleTempus Remixes (inc. Rrose & Sleaford Mods remixes)Mute
        Rrose, Sleaford Mods and Alessandro Cortini rework Pole's experimental track from his Tempus album.
        • – Stechmück (Sleaford Mods Rework)
        • – Stechmück (Version)
        • – Stechmück (Rrose Remix)
        • – Tempus (Alessandro Cortini Remix)
        SwansThe BeggarMute
        SWANS have announced details of their sixteenth studio album, The Beggar, due for release on Mute / Young God Records (N America) on 23 June 2023. In addition,...
        • – Paradise Is Mine
        • – The Beggar
        • – Los Angeles: City Of Death
        • – The Parasite
        • – The Memorious
        • – Michael Is Done
        • – Why Can't I Have What I Want Any Time That I Want?
        • – Unforming
        • – Ebbing
        • – No More Of This
        A Certain Ratio1982Mute
        A Certain Ratio’s greatest strength has always been their unpredictability. They’ve always moved with gleeful disregard for the boundaries of style...
          • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) STUMM480£23.99
            'Smoked' Clear Vinyl
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          Following the highly acclaimed 'Fading' in 2021, Pole continues his release series for Mute in 2022 with a new album, 'Tempus'. Pole is a Düsseldorf-native...
            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) LSTUMM476£35.00
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            Cabaret VoltaireThe CrackdownMute
            Cabaret Voltaire's 'The Crackdown', as originally remastered in 2013, now reissued on Grey vinyl. Initially released in 1983, 'The Crackdown' was the band's...
              • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) LCABS22£23.99
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              Cabaret VoltaireMicro-PhoniesMute
              Cabaret Voltaire’s ‘Micro-Phonies’, as originally remastered in 2013, now reissued on Turquoise vinyl. ‘Micro-Phonies’ is Cabaret Voltaire’s...
                • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) LCABS23£23.99
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                Cabaret VoltaireThe Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord (2022 Reissue)Mute
                Cabaret Voltaire’s ‘The Covenant, The Sword and The Arm of The Lord’, as originally remastered in 2013, now reissued on White vinyl. Known for being...
                  • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) LCABS25£23.99
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                  The Pop GroupY In DubMute
                  The Pop Group’s seminal 1979 post-punk album 'Y' has been given a new dub mix by British reggae legend Dennis “Blackbeard” Bovell!
                  • – Theif Of Fire (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – Snowgirl (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – Blood Money (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – Savage Sea (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – We Are Time (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – Words Disobey Me (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – Don't Call Me Pain (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – Boys From Brazil (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – Don't Sell Your Dreams (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – She Is Beyond Good And Evil (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • – 338 (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • 1. – Theif Of Fire (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • 2. – Snowgirl (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • 3. – Blood Money (Dennis Bovell Dub Version)
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  A Certain RatioSextet (ACR Loco Edition)Mute
                  Reissue of ACR's classic 1982 album via Mute. Originally issued on Factory records and features the essential tracks, 'Knife Slits Water' and 'Skipscada'!
                  • – Lucinda
                  • – Crystal
                  • – Gum
                  • – Knife Slits Water
                  • – Skipscada
                  • – Day One
                  • – Rub Down
                  • – Rialto
                  • – Below The Canal
                  • LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code WSTUMM408£22.99
                    • ACR Loco Edition
                    • Limited to 1000 copies worldwide
                    • Pressed on white vinyl with all of the artwork converted to black and white.
                    • Includes a high definition audio code
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                  A Certain RatioTo Each... (ACR Loco Edition)Mute
                  Reissue of this seminal, second album from Manchester's post-punk legends, A Certain Ratio, via Mute records. Without a doubt, one of ACR's finest moments...
                  • – Felch
                  • – My Spirit
                  • – Forced Laugh
                  • – Choir
                  • – Back to the Start
                  • LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code WSTUMM407£24.00
                    • ACR Loco Edition
                    • Limited to 1000 copies worldwide
                    • Pressed on white vinyl with all of the artwork converted to black and white.
                    • Includes a high definition audio code
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                  Throbbing GristlePart Two - The Endless Not / TG NowMute
                  Throbbing Gristle returned to the studio after deciding they had unfinished creative business outside of the live arena. Released in 2007, over 25 years...
                    Cabaret VoltaireChance Versus CausalityMute
                    Mute issue a previously unreleased and completely unabridged experimental soundtrack composed and performed by Cabaret Voltaire in 1979.
                    • – Part 1
                    • – Part 2
                    • – Part 3
                    • – Part 4
                    • – Part 5
                    • – Part 6
                    • – Part 7
                    Throbbing GristleMission Of Dead SoulsMute
                    Remastered and reissued via Mute - the final performance of Throbbing Gristle before their initial breakup, at the Kezar Pavillion, San Francisco on 29...
                      A Certain RatioMind Made UpMute
                      Reissue of ACR's 2008 album via Mute - first time on vinyl!
                        A Certain RatioSextetMute
                        Reissue of ACR's classic 1982 album via Mute. Originally issued on Factory records and features the essential tracks, 'Knife Slits Water' and 'Skipscada'!
                        • – Lucinda
                        • – Crystal
                        • – Gum
                        • – Knife Slits Water
                        • – Skipscada
                        • – Day One
                        • – Rub Down
                        • – Rialto
                        • – Below The Canal
                        A Certain RatioChange The StationMute
                        Reissue of ACR's 1996 album via Mute - first time on vinyl!
                          A Certain RatioGood TogetherMute
                          Mute reissue ACR's 'Good Together' album, originally release via A&M in 1989.
                          • – Your Blue Eyes
                          • – Your Little World
                          • – The Big E
                          • – God's Own Girl
                          • – Love Is The Way
                          • – Backs To The Wall
                          • – River's Edge
                          • – Every Pleasure
                          • – Coldest Days
                          • – Good Together
                          • – Repercussions
                          • – 2000 a√:
                          Chris CarterChris Carter's Chemistry Lessons Volume 1Mute
                          CCCL Volume 1 reinforces Carter’s significant but often under-appreciated role in the development of electronic music - a journey that for Carter started...
                            A Certain RatioI'd Like To See You AgainMute
                            Mute reissue the classic fourth studio album by northern post punk / jazz funk masters, A Certain Ratio, originally released by Factory Records in October...
                            • – Touch
                            • – Saturn
                            • – Hot Knights
                            • – I'd Like To See You Again
                            • – Show Case
                            A Certain RatioForceMute
                            Post punk classic originally released in 1986 on Factory Records. Reissued by Mute and this version is pressed on limited edition, yellow vinyl.
                            • – Only Together
                            • – Naked and White
                            Cabaret VoltaireDrinking GasolineMute
                            Cabaret Voltaire, alongside Human League, Throbbing Gristle, Fad Gadget and The Normal, were at the forefront of the UK electronic movement of the...
                            • – Kino (CD only)
                            • – Sleepwalking (CD only)
                            • – Big Funk (CD only)
                            • – Ghostalk (CD only)
                            Thomas Leer & Robert RentalThe Bridge (1979)Mute
                            Classic post punk album! This seminal minimal synth album is a bonafide classic of lo-fi primitive post punk electronics! Originally released in...
                            • – Attack Decay

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                                  • The Marvels – Rock Steady
                                  • The Upsetters – Popcorn
                                  • Bunny Clarke – Be Thankful
                                  • Tommy McCook – Green Mango
                                  • Brentford All Stars – Greedy G
                                  • Lennie Hibbert – Real Hot
                                  • Horace Andy – My Soul
                                  • Johnny Osbourne – We Need Love
                                  • Bunny Clarke – I Love The Way You Love
                                  • Jackie Mittoo – Stereo Freeze
                                  • Phyllis Dillon – Woman Of The Ghetto
                                  • Cecric Im Brooks – Give Rasta Glory
                                  • Alton Ellis – Son Of Man
                                  • Sound Dimension – Granny Scratch Scratch
                                  • Lloyd Robinson – Cuss Cuss
                                  • Sound Dimension – Drum Song
                                  • Ken Boothe – Is It Because I'm Black
                                  • 2xLP (+ Download Code) SJRLP321£26.00
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                                  AliveSkindo Le LeSoul Jazz Records
                                  NEW SUPER LTD. first edition of 300 copies. Only available EXCLUSIVELY to customers at Soul Jazz Records/Sounds of the Universe. Alive's...
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                                  • – City Life
                                  Kendrick LamarDAMNTop Dawg Entertainment
                                  'Damn' - the latest freaked-out, forward-thinking album drop from the one and only, Kendrick Lamar!
                                  • – Blood
                                  • – DNA
                                  • – Yah
                                  • – Element
                                  • – Humble
                                  CanDelay 1968Spoon Records
                                  Great album from brilliant krautrock band Can! A compilation album of mostly previously unissued early recordings by Can during its work with singer Malcolm...
                                  • – Butterfly