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    • Build An Ark – Sunshine
    • Build An Ark – Love, Sweet Like Sugar Cane
    • Build An Ark – River Sun
    • Build An Ark – When Ancestors Speak
    • Build An Ark – Heaven
    • 1. Sunshine
    • 2. Healing Song
    • 3. Love, Sweet Like Sugar Cane
    • 4. Dawn
    • 5. River Sun
    • 6. When Ancestors Speak
    • 7. Morning Glory
    • 8. In Her Smile
    • 9. You Yourself Are The Key To the Universe
    • 10. Heaven

    Beautiful new album by Build An Ark, the collective out of Los Angeles lead by Carlos Nino (HuVibrational, Ammon Contact)..."Dawn" is a 10 piece album which is a wonderful listening experience all the way through. With input from such legends as Dwight Trible, Nate Morgan, Phil Ranelin, Big Black, Derf Reklaw (to name just a few of the large group that Build An Ark is) this cannot go wrong.

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    One of the first jazz releases to make prominent use of the clavinet, ATLANTIS (recorded between 1967 and '69) is another hallmark of bold experimentation in the Sun Ra discography. The album consists entirely of spare, surging numbers featuring, for the most part, clavinet, percussion, and saxophone as the only instrumentation. The minimal, exploratory feel of these pieces offers fine examples of Ra's marriage of futuristic, otherworldly sounds to African tribal cross-rhythms.
    The centrepiece of the record is the final track, which includes the entire Astro Infinity Arkestra. Clocking in at almost 22 minutes, "Atlantis" creates an epic landscape of shifting colours and textures, with occasional bursts in dynamics leading to a swelling, volcanic finale. It is a tense, overpowering piece that presaged the Arkestra's forays into intergalactic territory in the early '70s. For its compositional map-charting and early use of electric sounds (this was Ra's first outing to use only electric keyboards), ATLANTIS is a landmark recording, and will be of interest to fans of experimental music, as well as Ra enthusiasts.

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      Ahmed Abdul-MalikJazz Sounds Of Africa (1961)Prestige

      Extremely rare but important release from the little known but highly respected Abdul-Malik. Abdul-Malik was one of the main Jazz musicians in New York in the 1960s to bring middle-eastern sounds and instrumentation into jazz. Radical stuff, very much ahead of its time. An essential album for anyone interested in how eastern sounds fused with jazz at this time - ranks alongside Yusef Lateef, John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders. Malik was one of the first African-American musicians to embrace both islam and Africa. Very much an accompaniment to the slightly earlier Jazz Sahara also by Malik.


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        Sun RaThe Nubians Of PlutoniaSaturn

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        • – Plutonian Nights
        • – Nubia
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        Gato BarbieriChapter One: Latin America (1973)Impulse!

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        Peter BrownDo You wanna Get Funky With Me?T.K. Disco

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          Build An ArkPeace With Every StepKindred Spirits

          REPRESS!!!!!! Back in stock after all these years....we are really happy to have this wonderful album available again. The first pressings FLEW out back in 2004 and we've had demand on it ever since.... Build An Ark is a Los Angeles based creative music ensemble that was formed as an immediate peace action. During the hysteria after the events of 9/11/2001 the band came together to promote calmness and peace in the world. The band is led by producer Carlos Nio and vocalist Dwight Trible and includes members such as (Tribe Records founder) Phil Ranelin, (Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra elder) Nate Morgan, Adam Rudolph, Derf Reklaw, Alan Lightner, Lesa Terry, Joshua Spiegelman, Peter Harris, Trevor Ware, Baba Alade, Andres Renteria, Tracey Hart, Gaby Hernandez amongst others.

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            Erkin KorayElektronik TurkulerWorld Psychedelia

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            • – Turku
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                Idris AckamoorMusic of Idris Ackamoor 1971-74EM (Japan)

                2CD collection of the ex-leader of legendary Afro-spiritual/deep funk/free jazz group from 1970s Ohio (later in SF), The Pyramids. Their music is one of the most deep attempts by African-Americans, deep sounds like Strata-East, aggressive performances like Tribe or Black Jazz, every free jazz/funk collectors should agree on it. Featuring 10 pieces of The Pyramids taken from their 3 albums and unreleased (!) recordings (included first live recording in Holland!). Notably The Pyramids had even stayed in African countries like Morocco, Ghana, Kenya & Ethiopia and studied real African culture & music there in the early 1970s. Do you know other African-American jazz musicians who had done such a road trip in early 1970s?? Also featuring never heard pre-Pyramids, P. Sanders & Strata East recording as The Collective, and 4 pieces from the late '70s to '00s, recording as Idris Ackamoor Quartet/Ensemble. Sixteen pieces in total. All digitally re-mastered in excellent sound shapes. This 2CD set comes in big 'DUO' case with complete English liner notes written by Ackamoor himself, bunch of rare photos (really!) & session datas etc... it must be one of the best deep jazz CDs ever produced!

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