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      • 1. n/a – Xylophone-Bapende of Zaire
      • 2. n/a – Marimba from Columbia
      • 3. Pete Johnson – Let Em Jump
      • 4. n/a – Akonoday
      • 5. n/a – Call to Prayer - Muslim
      • 6. n/a – Mende Muslim Song - Sierra Leone
      • 7. n/a – Song from Malaga - Spain
      • 8. Vera Hall – Black Woman
      • 9. n/a – Kpelle Brush - cutters - Liberia
      • 10. n/a – Imo Gal
      • 11. n/a – Let Your Hammer Ring
      • 12. n/a – Los Congos de Villa Mella - criollo
      • 13. n/a – Palomita Nueva
      • 14. n/a – Drum and Fife Quadrille - West Indies
      • 15. Wheel and Turn
      • 16. De La Suarez - Carribean
      • 17. Atilla the Hun, Sir Lancelot, Executor. Caresser, Lion – War (Sir Lancelot, Executor. Caresser, Atilla, Lion)
      • 18. Attila The Hun – Fire Brigade
      • 19. Le Jazz Condo – Ezulie
      • 20. Fabre Duroseau – Rour des Cayes
      • 21. Mazurca
      • 22. The Septeto Nacional – Sutileza
      • 23. Jimmy Yancey – How Long Blues
      • 24. n/a – Revival Zion- How Sweet the Name
      • 25. n/a – Revival Zion- I Got a Lighthouse
      • 26. The Fisk Jubilee Singers – Roll Jordan Roll
      • 27. The Spirit of Memphis – He's A Friend Of Mine
      • 28. Mississippi John Hurt – Frankie and Johnny
      • 29. Robert Johnson – Dust My Broom
      • 30. Coleman Hawkins – Leave My Love Alone
      • 31. John Mwale – Kenyatta Aliteswa Sana
      • 32. Bholen, Orchestra – Maboke Nde Temoin

      Compiled and annotated by John Storm Roberts - who wrote 'The Latin Tinge' and 'Black Music Of Two Worlds' - two excellent books. 33 tracks ranging from African chants to ragtime as well as music from the Middle East, West Indies and South America. Follow the music of the African Diaspora around the world. This is the business! Double CD.

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                        • The Real Calypso – Louis-Schmeling Fight
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                        • Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet songs
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                        Music From The Villages Of Northeastern NigeriaRecorded In The FieldSmithsonian Folkways
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                        • Music From The Villages Of Northeastern Nigeria – Music of the Ga'anda People: Ga'anda Xylophone Band
                        Rhythms of RaptureSacred Musics of Haitian Vodou (1995)Smithsonian Folkways
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                        • Port-Au-Prince Zepol – Vye Gran O (Song for Ezili)
                        Roots Of Black Music In AmericaSome Correspondences Between The Music Of The Slave Areas Of West Africa, USA and CaribbeanSmithsonian Folkways
                        How the music of USA, the Caribbean and Western Africa is connected by the slave trade with comparisons between the various musics and instruments in the...
                        • Waje Ward – Virginia Banjo Instrumental
                        Brazil: Songs of ProtestZelia Barbosa Sings of the Sertao & Favela (1968)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Killer, killer, killer 60s hard bossa! There are tough versions of 'Carcara' (check out the audio), Edu Lobo's 'Cheganca', 'Opiniao' and other protest...
                        • Brazil: Songs of Protest – Carcara (The Vulture)
                        Mary Lou WilliamsFootnotes to Jazz, Vol. 3: Jazz Rehearsal, I (1950)Smithsonian Folkways
                        After rediscovering a tin box full of acetate recordings of jazz rehearsal sessions, Folkways founder Moe Asch pieced together a sequence that shows the...
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Little Joe
                        Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou Williams: The Asch Recordings 1944-47 (1977)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Originally recorded and released in 1944, Mary Lou Williams recorded exclusively for Asch during this period. Williams's style was in a state of transition...
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Roll Em
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Satchel Mouth Baby
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Persian Rug
                        Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou's MassSmithsonian Folkways
                        The long-awaited reissue of Mary Lou Williams's magnum opus of religious jazz: Mary Lou's Mass. Newsweek called the score "an encyclopedia of black music,...
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Willis
                        • Mary Lou Williams – O.W
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Credo
                        Mary Lou WilliamsZodiac Suite (1945)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Originally released in 1945, Smithsonian Folkways proudly celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Asch Records release of Mary Lou Williams' work,...
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Gemini
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Leo
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Aquarius
                        Yoruba Drums from Benin, West AfricaYoruba Drums from Benin, West AfricaSmithsonian Folkways
                        Benin, West Africa is the home to several Yoruba religious cults based on a pantheon of gods. Overlapping rhythms embedded with symbolic religious meanings...
                        • The Bata Repetoire for Egungen in Pobe – Ako
                        Folk Music of EthiopiaFolk Music of EthiopiaSmithsonian Folkways
                        Deep stuff. Recorded in 1951 - you can hear traces of the Ethiopiques in these recordings.
                        • Folk Music of Ethiopia – Oh My Country (Ethiopia) - Male Voice with Begenna
                        Ritual Music of EthiopiaRitual Music of Ethiopia (1973)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Super-deep ritual music from Ethiopia. Check the soundclip!
                        • Ritual Music of Ethiopia – Kammba Drum Solo (Wallano tribe) / Woyisha cow horn (Wallano tribe)
                        Africa:The Sounds & Music Of The CongoSmithsonian Folkways
                        Rhythms and songs from Africa.
                        • Africa: – Song of the Ekonda (Baoto Folk Song)
                        Gambian Griot Kora DuetsGambian Griot Kora Duets (1979)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Deep stuff! Recorded in Gambia.
                        • Gambian Griot Kora Duets – Yeyengo - High Life Tune (Tomora Ba Tuning)
                        Music Of MaliMusic Of Mali (1966)Smithsonian Folkways
                        • Music Of Mali –  Taureg Minstrels at Timbuktu (with Two Lutes)
                        Songs of War and Death from the Slave Coast:Songs of Death (1982)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Heavyweight songs and drums recorded in Ghana. All relate to death!
                        • Songs of War and Death from the Slave Coast: – Gogodzi (Mourning Song) - 1:57
                        Lord MelodyCalypso 1962Smithsonian Folkways
                        This recording gives listeners more calypsos from one of the most famous calypsonians of all time, Lord Melody. The Cyril Diaz Calypso Combo and the March...
                          John Crow Say..Jamaican Music of Faith, Work and Play (1981)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Fascinating roots Jamaican recordings recorded by John Storm Roberts in 1981.
                          • John Crow Say.. – I Saw the Lighthouse
                          Ancient Slavonic ChantsIvan Koukouzel Angeloglassny Ensemble (1994)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Sacred voices, recorded in Bulgaria.
                          • Ancient Slavonic Chants – Voskreseniya Den (The Day of the Resurrection)(Neophyte Riisky- from Easter Matins)
                          Griots:Ministers of the Spoken Word (1975)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Super-deep music from Mali, Gambia and Senegal. A double CD featuring Griot Music, Africa's story tellers, also known as the ministers of the spoken word!...
                          • Griots: – Nege Sirimang
                          Jamaican Cult MusicJamaican Cult Music (1954)Smithsonian Folkways
                          The original jump-up! Revivalist Zion, baptist, Kumina drums, Jonkanoo and Rastafari! Amazing early recordings.
                          • Jamaican Cult Music – Uplifting table (revival zion) 3:28
                          Sarah Webster FabioSoul Ain't Soul Is: Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio (1973)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Sarah Webster's black poetry. Some tracks feature conga accompaniment in a Gil Scott Heron/Last Poets stylee! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
                          • Sarah Webster Fabio – Soul ain't: soul is
                          Langston HughesLangston Hughes' Jericho - Jim Crow (1964)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Performance by Langston Hughes.
                          • Langston Hughes – Jericho-Jim Crow (Part I)
                          Langston HughesThe Dream Keeper And Other Poems (1955)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Excellent collection of poems and narration from Langston Hughes! Recommended!
                          • Langston Hughes – The Dream Keeper: Dreams; Water-Front Street; Long Trip
                          Haiti Confidential (1958)The Inscrutable music of Haiti...definite, authentic, for the initiateSmithsonian Folkways
                          Covering a broad spectrum, this collection includes vodou ritual drumming (using tanbou, a type of drums used for this religious practice of African origin);...
                          • Haiti Confidential (1958) – Paulette
                          The Sacred Rhythms of Cuban SanteriaThe Sacred Rhythms of Cuban Santeria (1984)Smithsonian Folkways
                          These recordings of Santería drumming and singing rituals feature four Cuban Santería groups calling the gods (orishas) by performing rhythmic...
                          • The Sacred Rhythms of Cuban Santeria – Inle
                          Langston HughesThe Story Of Jazz: The First Album Of Jazz For Children (1954)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Langston Hughes narrates the history and evolution of Jazz in the USA. Classic recording.
                          • Langston Hughes – The Beginnings/Blues
                          Bongo, Backra & CoolieJamaican Roots Vol. 1 (1975)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Excellent songs, rhythms and chants of kumina, convince music and Jamaican East Indian music. Really, really heavyweight!
                          • Bongo, Backra & Coolie – Asosowata
                          Grupo De CapoeiraCapoeira Angola 2: Brincado Na RodaSmithsonian Folkways
                          Berimbau and voice rhythms intrinsic to Capoeira, performed by one of Salvador's top 'rodas'