J Rocc A Wonderful Letter

    Stones Throw
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      • 1. Welcome Everyone
      • 2. L.A. Anthem (ft. LMNO & Key Kool)
      • 3. One
      • 4. No Bad Drugs
      • 5. Love & Dope (ft. MED)
      • 6. The Changing World (ft. The Koreatown Oddity)
      • 7. Keep On (Yeah)
      • 8. Flawless (Raw) (ft. Frank Nitt)
      • 9. Flawless (Smoothed Out) (ft. Budgie)
      • 10. All I Wanna Do (Remix) (ft. Steve Arrington)
      • 11. Commercial Break
      • 12. Pajama Party (ft. The Egyptian Lover)
      • 13. Go!
      • 14. Dancing With The Best
      • 15. The End (N.T.P)

      DJ and producer J Rocc revisits his LA underground hip-hop roots on new album ‘A Wonderful Letter’. The album is a love letter to the city that constantly inspires him.

      The album pays homage to the city of Los Angeles and the profound impact it’s had on His music career. J Rocc has been a centre of gravity for the LA beat scene for over 20 years, and a staple of the Stones Throw roster for nearly two decades.

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