Yesterday's Universe Prepare For a New Yesterday Volume One

Stones Throw
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  • 1. Otis Jackson Jr Trio – Bitches Brew
  • 2. The Jahari Massamba Unit Feat Karriem Riggins Trio – Umoja
  • 3. Young Jazz Rebels – Slave Riot
  • 4. The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble – One for the Monica Lingas Band
  • 5. Kamala Walker and the Soul Tribe – Street Talkin
  • 6. The Jazzistics – Marcus Martin and Malcolm
  • 7. Suntouch – Two For Strata East
  • 8. Sound Direction – She's Gonna Stay
  • 9. The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble – Cold Nights and Rainy Days
  • 10. Otis Jackson Jr – Free Sun
  • 11. Jackson Conti – Barumba
  • 12. Ahmad Miller – Sunny C
  • 13. The Eddie Prince Fusion Band – Mtume's Song
  • 14. Yesterday's Universe All Stars – Vibes From The Tribe Suite
  • 15. Jackson Conti – Up a Neguinho

Brilliant new Madlib production on Stonesthrow! Superb cover versions of deep jazz rarities by seminal artists such as Miles Davis, Byron Morris, and Donald Smith alongside new compostions that recall that classic early seventies little label spiritual jazz sound! This is basically a new Yesterday's New Quintet album, and features Mamao of Brazilian jazz giants Azymuth and Karriem Riggins! Dusty, long-lost deep jazz vibes a la Strata East or Tribe from the man Madlib! Recommmended!