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Compilation of 20 tracks from the early 80s, when King Yellowman was at his peak, coming from a variety of top producers including Henry 'Jujo' Lawes, George Phang, Maurice Johnson and Sly and Robbie. Yellowman was very prolific in the 80s - in 1982 he had 14 albums out, and at one point in 1983 he had no less than 40 singles in circulation !! 1. Ram Dance Master 2. Mr. Chin 3. Natty Sat Up On A Rock 4. Lost Mi Lover 5. Two To Six Supermix 6. I'm Getting Married 7. A Lie But A True 8. Woman A The Root Of All Evil 9. Good Will Always Follow You 10. Soldier Take Over 11. Nobody Move 12. Ram Jam Master 13. Tarzan 14. Girls Them Pet 15. Watch It 16. Chatr Politics Pon Sound 17. Going To The Chapel 18. No Luck In Gambling 19. Walking Jewellery Store 20. Reggae Get The Grammy PRODUCED BY: Sly & Robbie, George Phang, Maurice Johnson, Junjo Lawes