Wilson Pickett Miz Lena's Boy (1973)

RCA Victor
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  • 1. take a closer look at the woman you're with
  • 2. memphis, tennesee
  • 3. soft soul boogie woogie
  • 4. help me make it through the night
  • 5. never my love
  • 6. you lay'd it on me
  • 7. is your love life better
  • 8. two women and a wife
  • 9. why don't you make up your mind
  • 10. take the pollution out your throat

Everything that Pickett sings sounds like it was soaked in grits and bacon fat. Everything is down home with a searing, explosive sound. This is the singer's second LP for RCA and the Nashville recording base provides him with a very funky feeling.

The backup band is super and Brad Shapiro is the co-producer/co-arranger with Pickett. They knew what they wanted and they got the grease and bacon and a bit more out of this LP.