Wildchild Secondary Protocol

Stones Throw
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  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Code Red
  • 3. Hands Up
  • 4. The Come Off (featuring Tha Liks, Phil Da Agony)
  • 5. The Movement (part 2)
  • 6. Hearbeat (featuring Oh No)
  • 7. Kiana
  • 8. Secondary Protocol
  • 9. DJ Theme
  • 10. Knicknack (featuring Percee P, Medaphoar)
  • 11. Puttin' In Work
  • 12. Bounce (featuring Planet Asia, Spontaneous, Aceyalone)
  • 13. Wonder Years
  • 14. Party Up (featuring Vinia Mojica)
  • 15. Operation Radio Raid (featuring Imno)
  • 16. Feel It (featuring Medaphoar)

Double LP on Stones Throw produced by Madlib and Oh No.

Lyrical spontaneity is the spark that fires the music of Lootpack, and this is especially true of the Wildchild. As all stages of time exist openly in music, Wildchild's lyrics are reliant on the past, aware of today, and curious about the future. Full of drive, clamor, brashness, sadness, and elation of the city, it is hip hop music without any unnecessary trappings.