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  • 1. the pursuit of the woman with thge feathered hat
  • 2. river people
  • 3. young and fine
  • 4. the elders
  • 5. mr gone
  • 6. punk jazz
  • 7. pinocchio
  • 8. and then

Weather Report was one of the most influential jazz-fusion groups of the era, and outlasted many of its contemporaries such as Herbie Hancock's Headhunters and The Mahavishnu Orchestra. Despite many personnel changes over its 16 year lifespan, they continued to create groundbreaking music under the guidance of Joe Zawinul. Mr. Gone is the first album of the so-called Third Phase of Weather Report's history with Jaco Pastorius in the ranks, helping out Joe Zawinul's production techniques immensely.