Ty Karim Wear Your Natural, Baby

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  • 1. Lighten Up Baby
  • 2. You Just Don't Know
  • 3. Help Me Get That Feeling Back Again
  • 4. All At Once
  • 5. Wear Your Natural, Baby
  • 6. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  • 7. Lightin' Up
  • 8. You Really Made It Good To Me
  • 9. Ain't That Love Enough
  • 10. Only A Fool
  • 11. Don't Make Me Do Wrong
  • 12. If I Can't Stop You (I Can Slow You Down)

Fantastic compilation of rare and sought-after gems from LA's sultry soul goddess, the late Ty Karim.

Sophisticated brilliance, this collection from the 60's and 70's also includes previously unreleased tracks.

Check out the amazing 'Lightin' up' and 'Wear your natural, baby', two of the best examples of 'crossover' soul!

Very highly recommended!