The Upsetters The Good, The Bad and The Upsetters (Jamaican Edition)

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  • 1. Same Thing All Over
  • 2. It's All In The Game
  • 3. Big Ball
  • 4. If You Don't Mind
  • 5. Dracula
  • 6. It's Alright
  • 7. Man To Man V. 3
  • 8. Soul Rebel V. 4
  • 9. Must Reach You
  • 10. Equalizer
  • 11. Down The Road
  • 12. Some Sign
  • 13. On The Rock
  • 14. Same Thing V. 3

NOW ON LIMITED VINYL....The UK version of 'The Good, The Bad and The Upsetters' was released by Trojan Records in 1970, and although it had the Upsetters name on it, Lee Perry had no hand in its conception or production. Angered that an Upsetters album was released without his involvement, Perry issued his own version of the album back home in Jamaica using the same Trojan album artwork but with totally different songs and a new 'stickered' tracklisting on the back.

Features brand new artwork and reissued for the first time with permission from Lee Perry himself, and 13 instrumental versions and a DJ version of ‘Same Thing All Over.’