The Rojac Story The Best Of Rojac & Tay-Ster

  • 1. Clarence Reid – 'Nobody But You Babe
  • 2. Kim Tolliver – (You're Trying To) Cop My Stuff
  • 3. Third Guitar – 'Lovin' Lies
  • 4. Little Jewel – I Want To'
  • 5. Chico And Buddy – Can You Dig It
  • 6. Jo Armstead – 'This and That
  • 7. Clarence Reid – Skunks, Hogs And Dogs
  • 8. Chuck-A-Luck & The Lovemen LTD – Are You Experienced
  • 9. Damn Sam The Miracle Man And The Soul Congregation – Lucky Man
  • 10. Aleke Kanonu Meets Tolbert The Miracle Man – Nwanne, Nwanne, Nwanne
  • 11. Third Guitar – Down To The River
  • 12. Lavell Hardy – Don't Lose Your Groove
  • 13. Curtis Lee & The K C P'S – Get In My Bag
  • 14. Chuck-A-Luck & The Lovemen – Whip Ya
  • 15. Damn Sam The Miracle Man And The Soul Congregation – I've Got It
  • 16. Damn Sam The Miracle Man And The Soul Congregation – Give Me Another Joint
  • 17. Big Maybelle – Quittin' Time
  • 18. Damn Sam The Miracle Man And The Soul Congregation – Smash
  • 19. Chuck A Luck & The Lovemen LTD – Whip You
  • 20. Third Guitar – Baby Don't Cry
  • 21. Kim Tolliver – Driving Me To The Arms of A Stranger
  • 22. Big Maybelle – I Can't Wait Any Longer
  • 23. Kim Tolliver – Tuesday's Child
  • 24. Clarence Reid – Something Special About My Baby
  • 25. Wesley Paige – You Turn Me Around
  • 26. Big Maybelle – Don't Pass Me By
  • 27. Clarence Reid – Heaven Will Welcome You
  • 28. Big Maybelle – 96 Tears
  • 29. Chuck Flamingo & The Kansas City Playboys – What's My Chances
  • 30. Big Maybelle – Careless Love
  • 31. International GTOs – I Love My Baby
  • 32. Jo Armstead – No Better For Ya
  • 33. International G.T.O's – It's Been Raining In My Heart
  • 34. Clarence Reid – 'I Wish It Were Me
  • 35. Master Four – Love From The Far East
  • 36. Chuck Flamingo – Love Love Love
  • 37. Private Charles Bowens & The Gentlemen From Tigerland – Christmas In Vietnam'
  • 38. Kim Tolliver – Where Were You
  • 39. Curtis Lee & The KCP's – Everybody's Going Wild
  • 40. Big Maybelle – Keep That Man
  • 41. Lillie Bryant – Meet Me Halfway
  • 42. Big Maybelle – Old Love Never Dies
  • 43. Kim Tolliver – I'll Try To Do Better
  • 44. Wesley Paige & The Master Three – Better Days Are Coming

A rarities-loaded collection of exceptional soul reecords, gospel-soaked chorus, crackling percussion, and boomy brassy funk numbers from the vaults of The Rojac catalogue.

Founded in 1963 Rojac Records was Jack Taylor's attempt to capture the musical pulse of Harlem. Through out the 60s (and into the 80s) the imprint released a steady stream of releases. Whether they were hits or near hits they're all exceptional in quality.

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