The Pyramids King Of Kings

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  • 1. Mogho Naba (King Of Kings)
  • 2. Queen Of The Spirits
  • 3. Nsorama (The Stars)
  • 4. My Africa

'There were spirits in that recording studio! I remember a feeling of spiritual strength while we were recording! Images and sounds reverberating off the walls!' - Idris Ackamoor. Though only a year had passed in the time between the fierce abandon of Lalibela and 1974's King Of Kings, it signaled a monumental shift for the band. By 1974, the core Pyramids continued their musical odyssey with their Lalibela collaborators -- percussionists Hekaptah, Marcel Lytle and saxophonist Masai -- while welcoming drummer-in-exile Donald Robinson back to the Pyramids' Midwestern American family. Inspired, the group set to shape a set of compositions that most fully realized -- in form, feel & reflection -- their African passage. On a spring day in 1974, the Pyramids went into a remote 16-track studio called Appalachia Sound Recording hours from Antioch in Chillicothe, Ohio -- the site of ancient native Indian burial mounds -- and, with no less intensity than before, cut a warm and infectious spiritual jazz masterpiece -- King of Kings -- in a day and headed back to Antioch that night. Exact repro of the ultra-rare private issue LP on the band's Pyramid Records label. Remastered from the original source tapes. 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing.