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Since bursting onto the scene in late 1970s New York, Lydia Lunch's confrontational music, art, literature and spoken word performances have been at the forefront of underground American culture. Few other contemporary artists have forged a unique and varied artistic vision as successfully, or forcibly as Lydia Lunch during her long, notorious career. Becoming involved in a wider range of artistic pursuits, Lunch made her mark in literature, film, spoken-word performance, video, photography, poetry as well as a multitude of other creative endeavours. Infused with her apocalyptic vision of American spiritual collapse and the violence of sexuality, Lydia's uncompromising work has defied categorisation and been largely under-represented in mainstream media. 'The Gun is Loaded' fills this gap, narrating her evolution from No Wave singer, through art-house actor, to spoken word poet, celebrated author and photographer. Covering prose, poems, lyrics and narrative, as well as featuring recent photography and a visually stunning collection of archive material, 'The Gun is Loaded' is a provocative journey into the vision of one of America's most fearless and pioneering daughters.