Terrence Dixon From The Far Future Pt.2

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  • 1. Self Centered
  • 2. Dark City Of Hope (Main Mix)
  • 3. Fountain Of Life
  • 4. My Journey Here
  • 5. Path To Mystery
  • 6. The Switch
  • 7. Horizon
  • 8. Vision Blurry
  • 9. The Auto Factory
  • 10. Lead By Example
  • 11. Navigate
  • 12. Tone
  • 13. Blinking & Flashing
  • 14. The Study

Twenty years ago Dixon released Pt. 1 on Tresor - now after a string of stylistically rich releases – including another album, ‘Train Of Thought’, this time for Cologne-based label Yore Records – the Detroit native returns to Tresor Records with ‘From The Far Future Pt.2’ – an ambitious, scopey and deeply personal sequel. Taking the form of a fourteen-track CD and double vinyl LP, with just three overlaying tracks – the bubbly “Fountain of Life”, uplifting “Horizon” and stung out "The Study", as well as two different versions on the atmospheric builder “Dark City of Hope”.

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