Recent album that he made with Sly & Robbie and a whole host of other big name musicians and singers

1. Give Thanks (With Bob Marley)
2. Mr. Marti
3. Mello Rock (With Bob Marley)
4. Baby Don't Go (With Slim Smith)
5. Dialog (With Slim Smith)
6. Diplomatic Killing
7. We'll Meet (With Hortence Ellis)
8. Raggamuffin (With Horace Andy)
9. Water Truck (With Horace Andy)
10. Humpty Dumpty
11. Apt. # C (With Horace Andy)
12. Shake Baby Shake
13. Calley Dallie
14. Go Call Charlie
15. Strange Thing (With Ken Booth)
16. Mr. Tek It Back (With Horace Andy)