T.R.A.S.E Tape Recorder And Synthesiser Ensemble

Finders Keepers
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  • 1. Sketch-1
  • 2. Electronic Rock (1983 instr.)
  • 3. Harmonium
  • 4. Sketch-3
  • 5. Talk to me (1983 version)
  • 6. Sketch-4
  • 7. Angel Face (Glitter Band Cover)
  • 8. Unrequited Love (1983 instr.)
  • 9. Sketch-5
  • 10. This Life of Yours (Early version)
  • 11. We Are So Fragile (Gary Numan cover)
  • 12. Momento (Early elec. guitar version)
  • 13. Twilight
  • 14. War Machine
  • 15. Voices (CD only)

Unearthed and fully formed electronic music project from 1981 by 16 year-old T.R.A.S.E (Tape Recorder And Synthesiser Ensemble) on Finders Keepers!

Composed and recorded using a self-made synth, audio mixer and electronic percussion units T.R.A.S.E would bridge the gap between a love for sci-fi horror soundtracks, Gary Numan b-sides and an extra curricular hobby as a sound and lighting designer for school plays – bequeathing a backstory as unique and unfathomable as the individualistic sonic results that he would finally commit to C90.

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