Sun Ra and His Astro Infinity Arkestra Pathways To Unknown Worlds / Friendly Love

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  • 1. Pathways To Unknown Worlds – Pathways To Unknown Worlds
  • 2. Untitled
  • 3. Extension Out
  • 4. Cosmo-Media
  • 5. Friendly Love – Friendly Love I
  • 6. Friendly Love II
  • 7. Friendly Love III
  • 8. Friendly Love IV

This package combines two LPs on one CD. Pathways was originally released on vinyl in the mid-70s at the very end of Sun Ra's relationship with Impulse and remained in print for less than one year. Evidence has remixed the original four track tapes and has added a track that was intended for the original album but omitted for technical reasons that have now been corrected. Like Cymbals and Crystal Spears, Friendly Love is an early 70s album that is being released for the first time. Sun Ra biographer John Szwed wrote the liner notes, and provides an in-depth glimpse into Sun Ra's recording and Evidence's mastering techniques