Salsa Latin Pop Music In The Cities

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The footage in this film is incredible. You have Tito Puente, the late "King of the Timbales," playing outdoors in the Bronx with keyboardist Charlie Palmieri (the brother of legendary piano whiz Eddie Palmieri), who, in another segment, conducts a Latin music class for school kids who proceed to jam on his hit "Mambo Joe." Panamanian singer Rubén Blades of the historic Fania label is also showcased, along with his on-point discussion on Latin American music and politics, which are matched by the ex-Young Lord member Felipe Luciano, who puts the music at the center of the urbane Latino experience in New York.The highpoint of this documentary is the rare rehearsal footage of señora Celia Cruz, "the Queen of Salsa," whose elegant choreography, elliptical phrasing, and piercing vocals set the standard for all salsa singers. Also includes poignant footage from Puerto Rico and of the African-derived Santeria religious ceremonies.