Rokk I Wanna Live High

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  • 1. Patience
  • 2. You've Been Gone Too Long
  • 3. I Want To Live High
  • 4. It Better Git Better
  • 5. Don't Be No Fool
  • 6. From Within
  • 7. Baby Please

Los Angeles 'lost' soul gem! Too soulful for its disco-era release date, the sextet’s 1976 "I Wanna Live High" has never been released until now! 

Rokk’s mid-tempo grooves, flute-lead funk, sultry female backing vocals, slap bass, chorus-drenched guitars, and lyrics about getting baked and eating baked apple pie. Jazzy, with plentiful slices of Broadway, Innervisions, and Rokk’s own stoned brand of horn-rock, had " Want To Live High ever gotten so high as actual record store shelves circa late 1977, it would’ve surely sobered up to the commercial onslaught of saturday night disco juggernauts and the pummeling forces of earth, wind, and fire.