Rahsaan Roland Kirk The Inflated Tear / Natural Black Inventions

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  • 1. The Black And Crazy Blues
  • 2. A Laugh For Rory
  • 3. Many Blessings
  • 4. Fingers In The Wind
  • 5. The Inflated Tear
  • 6. The Creole Love Call
  • 7. A Handful Of Fives
  • 8. Fly By Night
  • 9. Lovellevelliloqui
  • 10. Something For Trane That Trane Could Have Said
  • 11. Island Cry
  • 12. Runnin From The Trash
  • 13. Day Dream
  • 14. The Ragman And The Junkman Ran From The Businessman They Laughed And He Cried
  • 15. Breath-A-Thon
  • 16. Rahsaanica
  • 17. Raped Voices
  • 18. Haunted Feelings
  • 19. Prelude Back Home
  • 20. Dance Of The Lobes
  • 21. Harder And Harder Spiritual
  • 22. Black Root

Two crazy, deep jazz albums for the price of one!

"The Inflated Tear" from 1968 describes the incident where Roland was in hospital and a nurse gave him an injection which led to him becoming blind. Three years later and 1971's 'Natural Black Inventions' sees the man excel on a whole host of instruments from tenor sax, clarinet and flute to the more esoteric 'black mystery pipes', 'palms' and 'bird sounds'! Incredibly, all of Kirk's instruments are played simultaneously without overdubs or effects on what is effectively a 'solo' album; washboard, tambourine and conga is the only accompaniment provided by other musicians. Idiosyncratic genius!

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