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  • 1. Burmese Golden Drum
  • 2. Really Strange and Weird Things
  • 3. Beautiful Town
  • 4. Elephant Dragon
  • 5. Tune of the First Entertainment
  • 6. Jasmine Bush of Gold
  • 7. Someday He Will Return
  • 8. Good Time
  • 9. Lover of Smiling Girls
  • 10. Tune of the Second Entertainment
  • 11. Lover of the Winter and Show
  • 12. My Darling's Love Arrow

*Limited edition gatefold LP*The first true collection of folk and pop sounds from Burma from the ever-brilliant Sublime Frequencies imprint!

A distinctive sound, influenced by international artists as well as traditional Burmese music. Here are some of the greatest names from the past 50 years of Burmese musical history from the original recordings featuring Mar Mar Aye, Bo Sein, and the incomparable Tonte Theintan.