Phreek Patrick Adams Presents Phreek

  • 1. Weekend
  • 2. Everybody Loves A Good Thing
  • 3. May My Love Be With You
  • 4. Much To Much
  • 5. I'm A Big Freak (r U 1 2)
  • 6. Have A Good Day
  • 7. Weekend (12" Disco Mix) [Bonus track]
  • 8. Have A Good Day (12” Disco Mix) [Bonus track]

In '78 Adams embarked on one of his most critically acclaimed dance music projects which he called Phreek. The name having been inspired by his musical cohorts, including the legendary Disco writer Vince Aletti, who described Adams music as having a "phreeky” quality. The most well known of the tracks, "Weekend” and "Have A Good Day,” were released on the same 12” single (the only single from the album) with the former being the lead track. Both tracks have become legendary on dance floors across the world since they were released. "Weekend” is an absolute disco classic.

Remastered and repackaged complete with extensive liner notes and added bonus content.