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  • 1. Coiled
  • 2. Nest
  • 3. Deviant

A side 'Coiled' has received airplay from Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1 Experimental as well as from Distance on Rinse.fm, and it's not difficult to see why. Subtle pads alongside clipped and rhythmically busy drums eventually give way to a sound system-testing bassline. Drawing influences from dark garage and warm electronica, it's a deceptively devastating tune that weaves its way into the listener’s brain. The B side sees Pangaea exploring his sound further. Ignoring the current trend towards throwaway dancefloor material, 'Nest' is a texturally dense slice of meditative dubstep. Its warped bassline underpins dusty atmospherics and melancholy strings. 'Deviant' rounds off the proceedings in spectacular fashion,