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  • 1. O Prego (Love Me, Kiss Me)
  • 2. Felizes Juntinhos
  • 3. Lindo Sonho
  • 4. Um Milagre Aconteceu
  • 5. Garota Teimosa
  • 6. Quasi Fico Nu
  • 7. Ao Meu Amor
  • 8. A Praca
  • 9. Dexcubram Onde Meu Bem Esta
  • 10. Se Voce Quer
  • 11. Nosso Romance

An incredibly original album of 'Brazilian Nuggets' from the Mocambo/Rozenblit catalogue.

Os Canibais had a meteoric rise to fame starting in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro. The group was originally made up of Aramis (guitar/vocals), Serginho and Max (vocals) and later they brought in Denise Baker (vocals) and Horacio (piano).

Originally the group was to be called 'The Drunks' but after careful consideration they chose the much catchier Os Canibais (The Cannibals). They decided on this non-English name to differentiate from the Jovem Guarda TV era: The Fevers, The Jordans, The Clevers and so on...; Jonas Silva, A&R at Mocambo, signed them and their first single sold over 100,000 copies and made it into the Top 10. They broke new ground by becoming the first Brazilian pop-rock group to perform with a live orchestra in 1966 on TV in Rio, when the system of playbacks was still in its early days. They made one more LP under the pseudonym of 'Bango' on Musidisc label, where their psychedelic style was compared to Os Mutantes.