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  • 1. International News
  • 2. It's All Right
  • 3. Walk In Africa
  • 4. Time And Place
  • 5. Corner House Stone
  • 6. Mercenaries
  • 7. Wake Of The Nation
  • 8. Supaman
  • 9. Speed It Up
  • 10. Beat Up The Lights
  • 11. Black Punk Rockers
  • 12. Stratocaster
  • 13. Everybody
  • 14. Vatsiketeni

Championed by John Peel in the 80′s and celebrated as part of the 'Punk In Africa' documentary, National Wake receive their first anthology courtesy of the fantastic Light In The Attic label. Formed in an underground commune, National Wake have been described as “perhaps the most dissident music scene of the 20th century: a multi-racial punk band in a fascist police state.” Selling just 700 copies of their only album, released towards the end of a two year stint playing punk, reggae and tropical funk on Johannesburg’s underground rock and township nightclub circuit.

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