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The Spanish-speaking islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic make up a relatively small region, but their musical and cultural traditions have had a dramatic, sweeping impact on the world. The first brief, stand-alone volume to explore the music of these three islands, Music in the Hispanic Caribbean provides a vibrant introduction to diverse musical styles including salsa, merengue, reggaeton, plena, Latin jazz and the bolero. Ethnomusicologist Robin Moore employs three themes in his survey of Hispanic Caribbean music: - The cultural legacy of the slave trade - The creolization of Caribbean musical styles - Diaspora, migration, and movement. Each theme lends itself to a discussion of the region's traditional musical genres as well as its more contemporary forms.

The author draws on his extensive regional fieldwork, offering accounts of local performances, interviews with key performers, and vivid illustrations. Packaged with a 70-minute CD containing musical examples, the text features numerous listening activities that actively engage students with the music.

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