Molam Thai Country Groove From Isan Volume 2

Sublime Frequencies
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  • 1. Thongmark Leacha – Beua Ai Laeo Bo
  • 2. Palatnoi Songsim – Hak Beb Nang Thai
  • 3. Soonton Chairoogruen – Lam Thuy Sao Jao Na
  • 4. Kalasin – Instrumental Lam Sing
  • 5. Sodsri Promsakson | Theppon Pedubon – Look Sua Saoban
  • 6. Ka Kaw – Nam Jai Fan
  • 7. Doi Intanon and Group Suthep – Song Pee Nong Longkrong
  • 8. Thongmark Leacha – Sorn Look Sao
  • 9. Pairin Pongpiboon – Soeng E-Mae Oi
  • 10. Chawiwan Damnoen – Lam Plern Chawiwan
  • 11. Aungkana Kunchai – Tai Salub Prama
  • 12. Chai Mungpon – Sao Ta Kom
  • 13. Monruedee Phromchak – Lam Tung Wai Sohngpon Tahan
  • 14. Thongmark Leacha – Poo Ying Lai Jai
  • 15. Chabapai Narmwei – Plob Jai Nale-Nar
  • 16. Junpen – Ha Fan
  • 17. Soonton Chairoongren – Mob Natee Hai Luk Keuy
  • 18. P. Promdan – Chun Cher
  • 19. Thong Thaithin Isan – Raiteem
  • 20. Pairin Pongpiboon – Ja Leun Jai
  • 21. Singsiri – Ko Sao Tang Ngan

MOLAM is a multi-faceted folk country music native to Laos and the collection of rural Northeastern Thai provinces called Isan. "Molam” is an umbrella term used for numerous Lam styles. It literally translates into "expert singer" or "expert song". Featured here in volume 2 of this series are Lam Phun, Lam Thuy, Lam Plern, Lam Dern and Lam Sing styles of Molam recordings from the 1970s and 1980s. All of these forms are built from a tradition that is centuries-old. A few examples of Molam/Luk Thung (Thailand’s national country music) hybrids are also featured here.

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