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  • 1. Galactic Reaction
  • 2. Dance In The Milkway
  • 3. Interstellar Melody
  • 4. Unknown Flight
  • 5. Astroport
  • 6. Milkway Promenade
  • 7. Love for N.R. Part 1
  • 8. Love For N.R. - Ecstasy Part 2

Limited vinyl reissue of exceedingly rare 1978 French cosmic disco album ‘Milkways’. Produced by Didier Guinochet, this Moroder-esque intergalactic masterpiece was the only thing ever made by these three anonymous space cadets. Featuring inconceivable analogue synth, dreamy astral chords, star-gazing melodies and stratospheric drum breaks, these eight tracks are some of the best in their genre - exactly the kind of space-age disco the likes of Faze Action are attempting to reproduce these days. ‘Dance In The Milkway’ and ‘Astroport’ are definitive standouts, but the album as a whole is light years ahead of its time - if you are into fearless celestial disco, then this is most certainly for you.