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  • 1. a gift of tears
  • 2. silent imagery (previously unrleased version)
  • 3. praise (previously unrleased version)
  • 4. the taste of the fables
  • 5. central
  • 6. contrition
  • 7. downtown
  • 8. dantzig station
  • 9. scoop 'n' loop (previously unrleased version)
  • 10. mercedes
  • 11. igloo

Following an idea of Italian disco guru Fred Ventura to publish some recordings that have remained in the vaults for more than 25 years, and thanks to the skilful "mastering touch" of Giovanni Versari, Spittle has finally realized what seemed like a dream: a representative and intense snapshot of the Milanese new wave scene of the early eighties, 12 tracks that recount the salient steps of the brief but intense career of four Milanese bands. From the post-punk of Other Side, to the oblique funk of State Of Art, to the evident Kraftwerk influences of La Maison, to the electro pop-wave of Jeunesse d'Ivoire.

Four bands that illustrate the mood of an underground scene that burned out rapidly, mostly due to the indifference of the media and recording industry during those years. Tip!