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  • 1. beautiful means you
  • 2. save a little, spend a little (give a little away)
  • 3. no one to cry to
  • 4. cold, cold heart
  • 5. sally (was a gentle woman)
  • 6. lonely and blue
  • 7. i can't help it (if i'm still in love with you)
  • 8. born to lose
  • 9. there's been a change in me
  • 10. i come to the garden

Michael Parks is a singer and actor. He starred in a TV series called Along Came Bronson in 1969. The following year, he recorded Blue for MGM, one of his several albums.  

This quiet record has few sharp genre edges but settles into a laid back, folk strain of the genre. There are tasteful orchestrations, but for the most part, Blue is stripped to acoustic guitar, with amazingly tasteful leads on electric by James Burton, Elvis Presley's lead axe player.