McCoy Tyner Echoes Of A Friend

  • 1. Naima
  • 2. Promise
  • 3. My Favourite Things
  • 4. The Discovery
  • 5. Folks

"Echoes of a Friend" offers one of the finest tributes to the memory of John Coltrane. Who better to extend the musical accolades than Tyner, who  served in Coltrane's famous quartet for the last six years of the great saxophonists life?

This album was recorded five years (1972) after Coltrane's death, and Tyner's musical progress is evident, especially on his version of "My Favorite Things." Recording it was a bold move, given the intense identification of the piece with Coltrane. Tyner had of course played on the Trane's original version in 1960 and on nearly all of the saxophonist's subsequent reinventions of the tune.