Macka B Rasta Soldier (2012)

Necessary Mayhem
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  • 1. Rasta Soldier
  • 2. Innocent Life
  • 3. Old Fashoined
  • 4. Never Leave My Culture
  • 5. Outta Order
  • 6. Our Music

Necessary Mayhem’s first solo artist album arrives in the shape of ‘Rasta Soldier’, from Macka B.

‘Rasta Solider’ is a six-track mini-album that captures Macka B at his best, staying true to his style and telling a variety of important stories through his songs. He defends his old fashioned style, takes on modernities such as Twitter through his humorous and intelligent expression, and deals with more troubling issues such as racism in sport and racially motivated crime. The autobiographical ‘Never Leave My Culture’ gives an insight into how long Macka B has been in the industry, as well as his passion for standing up for cultural principles. Curtis Lynch has spared nothing in production of this album. Every part of his producing skills come together. “When working with a legend” says Lynch, “you have to raise your game”.