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  • 1. dove
  • 2. expansions
  • 3. journey to the light
  • 4. leaving the planet
  • 5. life on mars
  • 6. house party
  • 7. in the light of a miracle
  • 8. i am love

The Loft Classics series of reissue 12" singles have spread the magical music that makes David Mancuso's legendary Loft parties so special all around the world, and this second volume collects even more of the best tracks from across the whole series! David Mancuso is the grand daddy of disco, throwing his first disco parties in his New York loft as far back as the 1960s! He is a seminal figure in dance music history and his selections have helped shape the cannon of classic tunes as much as Larry Levan, Nicky Siano, Ron Hardy, or any other superstar DJ!

Highly recommended!