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  • 1. Mobile Population
  • 2. Leipzig Dub
  • 3. Buy Street Boo
  • 4. Wacky Backy Up
  • 5. Kill 8 Hours At The Park
  • 6. It Tastes Like Orange
  • 7. Exempli Causa
  • 8. The Wheel At 10-2
  • 9. Gadeeeeem Rainbow
  • 10. Night Air
  • 11. Escape From Break
  • 12. Over The Brooklyn Bridge Dub
  • 13. Over 1000 People Responded Dub
  • 14. DOB
  • 15. Red Dragonfly
  • 16. Cab It
  • 17. ............

Explosive and entirely unique masterpiece by Tokyo artist Killer Bong that goes way beyond anything that could simply be called a remix. The original MPC ninja packs a massive bowl of finely ground Jahtari skunk and smokes it all away in one long draw, taking a night ride in the never ending bowels of the Tokyo underground system and exhaling a cloud of dubby nanoparticles into a shape completely unseen until now.


Plundering sounds from the complete Jahtari hard-drives and refixing them in a fully mashed-up (and down and sideways) configuration, he adds layers of backward-looped jazz samples, field recordings from metro stations and beats from the dirty depths of Tokyo Bay, running them full force into a wall of detuned brass pads, hazy strings and pitched vocals. Killer Bong hammers it all together with the raw charm of a deadly katana and then transfers the result onto a dub virus infected floppy disk, ready to reboot up any outerspace sound system. This is one trip to remember and will without a doubt turn out to be a future low-end classic session. Once again, it isn’t cheap but neither is it likely to be available for long and it’s a small price to pay for an essential addition to any Jahtari student’s pressure–sound library.

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