Lagos Chop Up Fuji And Afrobeat, Highlife And Juju

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Fela's success in the West has hidden from view the diversity of modern Nigerian music. 'Chop Up' sets out to put things in perspective — ranging across styles from the mid-sixties to the early eighties — and musically it's mind-boggling. 

Here, there is juju, apala, afrofunk, highlife. Some breathtaking classic fuji — raw Muslim street music — for twenty-five years now the real soundtrack of Lagos youth. And the Afrobeat tracks include one of the best you'll ever hear — thirteen minutes of Shina WIlliams And His African Percussions. As Chief Ebenezer Obey puts it - 'Eyi Yato', something different.

With detailed notes by Michael Veal (Fela's biographer) and great artwork by Ogunajo Ademola: '