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  • 1. Ah, That's The Joint ( Part 1 )
  • 2. Ah, That's The Joint ( Part 2 )

Get On Down's 7" series continues with a true old school rarity. Kool DJ AJ goes so far back into the old school that he came up following Kool Herc's exploits behind the turntables. Perhaps best known as Chief Rocker Busy Bee's DJ, AJ electrified crowds around the city in Hip Hop's earliest days. But "Ah, That's The Joint" is his lone solo outing originally released in a limited pressing on the ultra-rare White Diamond imprint in 1980. The cut features all the essential old school elements, a throbbing funk bass line, hand claps, a call and response chorus, everything you want in an old school classic....right down to the rap "and the beat don't stop til the break of dawn".