John Coltrane Giant Steps (1959)

  • 1. Giant Steps
  • 2. Cousin Mary
  • 3. Countdown
  • 4. Spiral
  • 5. Syeeda's Song Flute
  • 6. Naima
  • 7. Mr. P.C.
  • 8. Giant Steps (Alternate Version 1) [CD only]
  • 9. Naima (Alternate Version 1) [CD only]
  • 10. Cousin Mary (Alternate Take) [CD only]
  • 11. Countdown (Alternate Take) [CD only]
  • 12. Syeeda's Song Flute (Alternate Take) [CD only]
  • 13. Giant Steps (Alternate Version 2) [CD only]
  • 14. Naima (Alternate Version 2) [CD only]
  • 15. Giant Steps (Alternate Take) [CD only]

Giant Steps was possibly Coltrane's most consistently outstanding tenor solo statementto date. Of course, Coltrane's own performance on Kind of Blue, just a month or two before, is now legendary, but on Miles Davis's album Coltrane had shared the glory with soloists of a similar calibre, and furthermore the present recording contained nothing but his own compositions.

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