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  • 1. londres-Paris-Sofia
  • 2. les yeux valise
  • 3. au desespoir des singes
  • 4. les coquelicots
  • 5. dans mes reves
  • 6. la vie en live
  • 7. les pepins de la raison
  • 8. roses rouges sang
  • 9. une partie de scrabble
  • 10. un petit quelque chose

Precisely four decades since the original release of the 1971 LP Histoire De Melody Nelson, Serge Gainsbourg's most celebrated composer and arranger Jean-Claude Vannier now returns to the same artistic territory that has since come to represent his most iconic period.

With Roses Rouge Sang JCV combines a lifetime of experience working with some of the best orchestras and pop rhythm sections in throughout the world with a return to his roots and his initial, radical ideas on how contemporary music could combine the two.