Jan Akkerman Tabernakel (1973)

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  • 1. Britannia By John Dowland
  • 2. Coranto For Mrs. Murcott By Francis Pilkington
  • 3. The Earl Of Derby, His Galliard By John Dowland
  • 4. House Of King
  • 5. A Galliard By Anthony Holborne
  • 6. A Galliard By John Dowland
  • 7. A Pavan By Thomas Morley
  • 8. Javeh
  • 9. A Fantasy By Laurencini Of Rome
  • 10. Lammy: a) I Am, b) Asleep, Half Asleep, Awake, c) She Is, d) Lammy, We Are, e) The Last Will And Tes

With House of the King - a wicked tune bit like a tudor version of Mason Williams Classical Gas! House of King was also later done by Akkerman's group Focus. TUNE! Original gatefold vinyl.