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  • 1. thin moon
  • 2. ID clap

This 45 contains two songs off the forthcoming LP Seven Seals. The songs are heavy on the drums, heavy on the bass, and heavy on the sacred keys. James was asked about this record...He answered, “One song is about making the moon disappear with your thoughts. The other side is about how I have to break up with my girlfriend cause she got an ID Chip implanted in her hand aka ‘The Mark of the Beast!’...erm..yeah..of course! 'Thin Moon' is a spacey 80's tinged number with spiralling synths,strange lazers, plucked violin beat with the echoey whispered vocals of James.  On the flip James turns up the tempo with 'ID clap'; tambourines and drums at the forefront of the mix, jazzed up sax and heavy driving beat! ACE!