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  • 1. The electric finger psychological overture
  • 2. Daddy d – Motherfussin
  • 3. Barry white – Just a little more
  • 4. Kraftwerk – Man machine
  • 5. Mc shy d – Just my caddy
  • 6. Prince jammy – Wafer scale integration
  • 7. Undercover lovers – Fake fly guys
  • 8. Last poets – E. pluribus unum
  • 9. Dance ritual – Drum power
  • 10. Z factor – Thorn
  • 11. Tony cook – Getting to the point
  • 12. Pleasure – Ghettoes of the mind
  • 13. Ingram – Would you be surprised?
  • 14. Martin van der schadt – Sample & hold
  • 15. Daft punk – Voyager
  • 16. Formula v – Killer groove part two
  • 17. Jean jacques perrey – Jericho jerk
  • 18. Silver apples – Program
  • 19. Can – Spoon
  • 20. Huggy bear – No sleep
  • 21. Just-ice – Little bad johnny
  • 22. Althea and donna – Uptown top rankin
  • 23. Stranger cole – Crying every night
  • 24. Bruuce Haack – Blowjob

-----------------------Back in stock!!!!-------------------------------------

Wicked new mixtape from Stones Throw's James Pants.  This guy certainly knows how to throw down a mix with this quality new wave/pop/electro/rock mash up!!!!

Going from left to right with styles but in an unique and brilliant way!!!!!


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