J Dilla The Lost Scrolls Vol. 1

Ruff Draft Records
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  • 1. DeWitt To Do It
  • 2. Smack A Bitch
  • 3. The Throwaway
  • 4. Ruff & Rugged

Unreleased Dilla material!Dilla on the mic! This special 10” release of material from “Lost Scrolls” finds Dilla at home on the verbals just as he was always at home working an MPC. The projected is being assembled by long time friend and confident Frank Nitt from Frank N Dank who’s put painstaking attention into maintaining Dilla’s vision and energy through- out. This vinyl offering features “DeWitt To Do It” (DeWitt being Dilla’s middle name) as well as the return of the Yancey Boys on “The Throwaway” where Dilla’s brother Illa J trades verses with Nitt over a vintage Dilla beat.